Remote Learning in Google Classroom

Hello students and parents!

We are now starting remote learning for all classes starting on Monday, March 16th. We are going to try and keep things as normal as possible for all students so they can all stay on track with school. I will be posting all assignments on Google Classroom. When tests/quizzes are needed, we will use Illuminate and test windows will only be open for certain times. Please refer to Google Calendar to see the windows.


Our classroom times are as follows:

2nd period: 9:06am - 10:02am

3rd period: 10:07 am - 10:58am

4th period: 11:03am - 11:58am

5th period: 12:28pm - 1:23pm

7th period: 2:24pm - 3:15pm


I will be available 9:06am - 3:15pm daily. Please email if you need to set up a face to face conference.


I will be trying to send messages continuously to remind about assignments and any other important information to come. Please feel free to reach out at anytime through my email to ask any questions, or if there are any concerns.


I hope you all are staying healthy during this time!