School Council Minutes March 2015

Meeting Minutes

Flippen Elementary School Council


The meeting of Flippen Elementary school council was duly called to order by Felicia Harrell  and held on Friday, March 20, 2015 beginning at 8:40 a.m.

Present were: 

 Dr. Toni Obenauf, Felicia Harrell, Sharon Bryant, Lya Snell, Denise Roach, Natosha Reid-Rice and  April Williams.

Old Business:


Dr Obenauf updated that she had checked on this program, but they really wanted a teacher to facilitate the program but they are too busy. She also mentioned that she really would like to get Big Thinkers/science program, and have the program personnel to rent a room and facilitate. More information on this will be available by the summer with goal to start in the next school year.

Good News:

Felecia mentioned that she is working with First United Methodist Church to get the program together; several meetings have been scheduled and cancelled due to numerous conflicts. Next meeting is scheduled for mid-April, and goal is to start this program in the next school year.


New Business:

Fifth Grade Celebration:

Staff has submitted request to conduct a raffle, and approval received this past week.  Felecia mentioned they would raffle an IPAD as the 1st place prize, and other prizes TBD.  So far, they have a commitment to donate 4 tickets for the Braves game, and are working with Walmart to obtain a donation. If Walmart provides a gift card, it could be used to purchase items for the raffle.



Flippen Elementary Climate rating:

Dr Obenauf said she attended a principal’s meeting last week to discuss he results from the climate survey, with ratings of 1-6. Flippen had 106 parents to participate.  

-The star score was for the last school year, so this year’s score will likely be the same since they did not know there was an issue with the questions.

- Staff/parents ranked in the 96th percentile and students ranked in the 66th percentile-- but ratings were skewed due to the type of questions, and the students likely did not understand some of them. 

- Student handbook is being revised to address some of these issues and provide clarification


-PTO Childrens Ball on February 13 was a big success

-Spring Fling coming up, Friday April 17 6-8 p.m.

-Georgia Milestone Testing, Tuesday April 14 – Wednesday April 29

New Agenda Items:

Agenda to be set by Chairperson.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 a.m. by Dr. Obenauf.  The next school council meeting will be held April 17, 2015  at Flippen Elementary beginning at 8:30 a.m.

Minutes submitted by: April Williams 

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