School Council Minutes January 2015




January 16, 2015





              BOE Discipline open meeting held in 11/2014. What were the findings of that meeting? (Dr. O didn’t attend nor was she aware of the meeting. She was going to find out what she could about that open BOE Discipline meeting at the county’s next principals meeting.) Nothing was discussed at Principals meeting yesterday about this issue.


6. New Business

      Define goals outlined in the Henry County BOE Strategic Plan for 2015.

The goals have already been defined by the county and the schools are working towards these goals.



The 2015-2016- and 2016-2017 school calendars have been approved and posted on the county web site.


We are continuing to review CCRPI points and expectations at Flippen Elem.

We are beginning to look at Personalized Learning for all students.


The district  SACS visit will be March 9-11. The SACS team will visit various schools in the district.


Mrs. McCoy is meeting with church leaders about starting the Good News Club at Flippen. She will report back to the council on the final decisions that are made about the club.


Charter school update:

State Board adopted new rules in Nov. expected to adopt new rule for IE2 in Feb.

HCS has planning meeting in Feb. to discuss this and the decision to be made in March.

We should be able to get a waiver for next year.


Projections: growing 1.7% for the next year as a district, good growth, and steady trend.

15-16 budgets will be due in March. Board is considering upping the allotment per student.



Those in attendance: Dr. Obenauf, S. Bryant, D. Roach, Mrs. McCoy, Mrs. Reid


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