LIGHTING (updated 10/25/17)
  • 2 ETC Sensor 2 SR96 dimmer racks and 1 ETC Sensor 3 SR48 rack
  • 216 active circuits
    • 84 ETC D20 modules provide 154 20-amp circuits
    • 12 TR20SAF ThruPower modules provide 24 20-amp circuits
    • 7 ETC R20AF relay modules and 4 ETC CC20 constant current modules provide 18 circuits of constant current switched power for intelligent lighting and other non-dim stage lights & equipment
    • 14 20-amp circuits (D20) are dedicated for house lights
  • Avolites Arena console (follow the link for specs)
    • 8 DMX universes
      Backup/secondary lighting consoles
    • ETC Congo lighting console (follow the link for specs)
      • 3 DMX universes
      • software version currently in use is release Cobalt 7.2.1
    • ETC Expression 3-800
      • 2 DMX universes


  • Two house electrics, four stage electrics, four box booms and eight stage floor pockets equipped with stage pin connectors.
  • Pathway 4808 eight-way installation repeater (opto-splitter) extends DMX availability to all FOH lighting locations
  • Networked DMX distribution
    • Pathway VIA-12 network switch with PoE
    • ETC Net3 gateway
  • Extensive wireless DMX distribution to receivers on stage or any desired location within the facility via
    • Wireless Solutions W-DMX Generation 3 and Generation 4 wireless transmitters/transceivers
    • W-DMX F1 G4 Transceiver
    • W-DMX compatible Blizzard Lighting Lightcaster transceivers
    • City Theatrical ShowBaby transceivers



  • -27 ETC Source Four tungsten ellipsoidals
  • 19-degree lenses, two 10-degree, two 5-degree; additional lenses include one 26, two 36-degree and  two 50 degree EDLT lenses. A small number of fixtures utilize ETC's dimmer doubler technology.
- 2 ETC Source Four Jr. 26-degree
- 6 ETC Source Four Jr. 36-degree
- 17 ETC Source Four PARs with complete lens kits
- 8 ETC Source Four PARs with complete lens kits for use with dimmer doubler technology
- 6 ETC Source Four PAR XWFL lenses
- 30 6-inch Fresnels (mostly Altman 65Q; some L&E)
- 6 L&E 7905 PAR38 (typically used for supplemental work light - available for stage use with advance notice)
- 4 Altman Q-Lites with barndoors & safety screens
- 4 L&E Little Dipper flood light (illumination similar to a traditional scoop fixture)