Facility (updated 10/21/17)


The Henry County Performing Arts Center...

  • opened in fall 1998
  • is located at 37 Lemon Street, McDonough, GA, on the campus of Henry County High School
  • is owned and operated by the Henry County Board of Education
  • is a multi-purpose performance center serving 53 schools and a wide variety of community events
  • hosted 462 uses in FY17 (July 2016-June 2017), 
  • was completed in 1998, at a cost of 3.2-million dollars, with a renovation and expansion in 2009
  • is a 26,000 square foot facility
    • with a proscenium stage
    • seating 710 in fixed seats, plus eight wheel chair positions
    • with anciliary spaces including an orchestra pit, two chorus-style dressing rooms with shower and restroom facilities, public restrooms, lobby, art gallery and offices
  • is 32 miles south of downtown Atlanta and 24 miles south of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International airport, via I-75
  • does not contain a scene shop, so construction must take place off-site with re-assembly only on stage
  • is scheduled to undergo an expansion and renovation beginning in early 2020


37 Lemon Street
McDonough, GA 30253
Henry County Performing Arts Center Website 


  • free WiFi is provided by Henry County Schools
  • search available WiFi networks, select "BYOT" and agree to user terms
  • certain sites are blocked:
    • to protect the integrety and security of the network
    • comply with state and federal laws
    • protect against inappropriate subject matter
    • protect bandwidth to ensure adequate resources for instructional purposes
    • availability of internet service is subject to all terms and conditions contained within the user aggreement
    • no service is guaranteed, nor any should there be any expectations of speed or quality of service


  • located on the campus of Henry County High School in McDonough, GA
  • adequate free parking is available in lots surrounding the PAC
  • all daytime parking when school is in session should be in the large lot directly in front of the PAC
  • after school hours, on weekends and during school breaks, parking is allowed in any of the lots surrounding the PAC, but may be limited due to parking for school events.
  • limited parking is available after school hours and on weekends or holidays behind the PAC in the lot in front of Henry County High School
  • very limited parking is available directly behind the PAC for loading & unloading, but persons using lot should be mindful of any trucks or other vehicles needing access for loading or unloading (see LOADING AREA section below)
  • double parking, parking and parking on grass areas is not allowed
  • the curb along the front the PAC and Academy for Advanced Studies is a designated fire lane where parking is illegal


  • 710 fixed seats, plus eight wheel chair positions and some fixed seating is transfer capable
  • is arranged in two-tiers, both with three seating sections
  • entry from the lobby is from center house-left side to a cross-aisle that separates the lower-tier and upper-tier seating and via a secondary entry from the lobby from a stairwell that enters the house behind the last row of seats, house-left
  • upper tier wheelchair access is via a wheelchair lift located in the secondary entry stairwell descibed above
  • lower tier is raked by means of a full-floor ramp (1.5” incline per foot)
  • upper-tier is raked with steps (7” rise on 3’1” tread)
  • Click here for a seating chart (block diagram) (diagram showing individual seats)
  • distance from downstage edge of the apron to center of the cross aisle seperating lower and upper sections is approximately 31’
  • distance from the center of the cross aisle to the light/sound booth is approximately 30’


  • sprung stage floor constructed of Canadian maple on ¾” plywood, 2x4 sleepers on 16” centers and neoprene pads, installed in 2002
  • finished in multple coats of satin polyurethane
  • fiberglass bat insulation installed between sleepers provides sound control
  • maple surface is typically covered with black vinyl dance floor (Stagestep Timestep 5) for most theatrical and dance performances, and covers the entire maple surface
  • Lagging into the stage floor is not allowed
  • one accessible trap (4ft x 8ft) is located along the centerline just down from center stage, 7'-7" from plaster and opens into the orchestra pit area
  • an orchestra pit cover is located down center, on the stage apron
    • lighting floor pockets are located upstage left & right (1 each), extreme left & right stage (three each side)
    • two sound floor pockets are located down left & right on the apron
  • floor in wings space is concrete, painted black
    • a six-inch wide metal strip provides a transition between the maple stage floor and concrete wings floor (note - the tranision strip contains a slight rise in the middle. it is not flat)

Reference: Plaster line = onstage wall of proscenium 

  • proscenium width = 44.0 feet
  • proscenium height = 21.0 feet
  • stage width wall to wall = 82 feet
  • total stage depth plaster line to upstage wall = 34'-0"
  • typical clear depth plaster line to cyc = 31'-1" (on motorized fly)
  • apron maximum depth plaster line to DS edge at center = 8’-0”
  • apron minimum depth = 5’ 1”
  • grand drape distance from plaster line = 2’-0” (on motorized fly - manual travel by SR handline)
  • mid-stage traveler distance from plaster line = 12’-0” (on motorized fly - manual travel by SR handline)
  • cyc (upstage) traveller distance from plaster line = x'-x" (on motorized fly - manual travel by SR handline)
  • stage floor elevation from house floor (1st row) = 3'-5"
    • SR transition to wall = 13'-0" (minimum 3-foot passage DS to US must be maintained at all times)
    • SL transition to wall = 12'-10" (minimum 3-foot passage DS to US must be maintained at all times)
    • SR typical clear wings space = 6' to 8'
    • SL typical clear wings space = 7'-6"
    • NOTE - depending on production schedule, sets, props, staging elements and/or other production equipment may be located in the wings and and it may or may not be possible to relocated them
    • NOTE - if production requires large area of wings space, please notify PAC well in advance of prouction date


  • roughly 27' x 19' (+/- due to angled walls)
  • accessible via stairwells from either SL or SR
  • no orchestra lift is available for orchestra or equipment
    • equipment must be hand carried down stairs
      • a removable pit cover measuring 5'-5" x 7'-3" is located DSC apron
      • removed by means of a manual Genie lift and manpower
      • typically stored in wings SL or SR when removed
      • a filler piece is available that reduces the floor opening
  • pit depth from stage floor to pit floor is 9'-3"
  • room can be locked for securing instruments or equipment
  • maximum musician capacity is +/- 22, depending on instrumentation (typical comfortable capacity is 8-15)
  • trap door opens into this space


  • located at rear of house seating area (upper tier center) aligned with seating rows X & Y
  • accessible through a lockable door from the house center-left aisle
  • house crossover runs behind the booth
  • distance from booth to plaster line is approximately 70’
  • lighting & sound positions are separated by a sliding glass door, with the lighting position located on the left side and sound on the right
    • lighting and sound rooms measure 7' x 11"
  • the front of the lighting booth is enclosed with three glass panels and the center panel slides open
  • the sound booth is open on the front, but a metal roll-up door can deploy to secure equipment
  • lighting room has a built-in countertop, a built-in equipment rack and under-counter storage cabinet
  • both areas have suspended ceilings with drop-in tiles with fluorescent lighting fixtures for general work light and halogen tracklights on dimmers for task or production work
  • See ligting and sound links for equipment information


  • located on the left end of the lobby from front entry, near public restrooms
  • includes 420 square feet of wall-mounted chrome grid (3”O.C.) for display of artwork
  • 40 additional 2’x7’ grid panels can be assembled in various freestanding configurations, providing up to 560 additional square feet of exhibit space
  • a quantity of clips, brackets and hooks are available for hanging artwork on grid
  • artwork by Henry County school students is displayed most of the school year
    • Lightolier adjustable 50-watt, MR16 track fixtures provide gallery spot lighting. with 40-degree beams for wall wash, and 26-degree for spot
    • ten 18” square pedestals covered in white laminate are available for display of 3D art and many of these have an 18”x18”x18” or 18”x18”x20” clear acrylic cover
    • display fabric is available in black polyester, poly satin in black and navy, and shiny tulle in white and beige
    • various blocks are available for elevating ceramics and other small 3D work


  • 24 Hoffend/Daktronics Vortek motorized hoists are controlled by a Vortek Pro-Series touchscreen controller
  • a 25th lineset in the upstage-most position is operated by a manual Columbus McKinnon hand winch, not suitable for production moves
  • all softgoods fly except the dead-hung Teaser


  • loading is street level access (no dock) at the rear of the PAC (opposite side of building from PAC public entrance, but the front entrance side for Henry County High School)
  • all access is through two sets of double doors, directly onto the stage
  • very limited parking is available in this area for loading & unloading, but persons using lot should be mindful of any trucks or other vehicles needing access for loading or unloading
  • double parking and parking on grass areas is not allowed
    • maximum dimensions for set pieces to fit through loading doors is 62 inches by 93 inches
    • a very small incline ramp leads from the parking surface onto a conrete pad at stage floor level
    • access to the stage is straight through two double doors with a removable mullion, and leads directly onto the stage
    • all set pieces must be hand carried or transported by wheeled cart
    • it is expected that your crew will take every precaution to prevent damage to the facility and furnishings while moving props and sets
    • all casters on scenery platforms must be adequately sized to carry the load
    • actors and crew are not to slide or drag set pieces across the floor in the wings or on stage
    • all set construction must take place off site, with assembly on stage
      • touch-up painting requires permission from PAC Supervior
      • care is required to protect floors, walls and draperies during minor touch-up painting on stage
      • all other painting must be done outdoors in the parking lot area, which must be protected from direct spills, splatters or overspray
    • please make arrangements to remove all items from the building immediately following your performance, as we maintain a full calendar of events and lack storage space for future pick up


  • the PAC does not contain a costume shop, scene shop, rehearsal/warm-up room, green room, ticket booth or production office
  • ticketing is the responsibility of the event sponsor
  • upon request, the PAC can furnish tables in the lobby for ticketing activities
  • tables and chairs are supplied upon request at no charge, up to stock on hand