I lost something. Did you find it?

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Chances are pretty good that we did find your keys/phone/glasses/clothing/jewelry/unbrella/toy/credit card/driver's license/wallet/purse/camera/charger/cable/battery/notebook/book bag/makeup/homework/sheet music/musical instrument/CD/thumb drive and so on. It's remarkable what people lose and even more remarkable that so many never inquire about their lost property.

We maintain lost and found items for a period of weeks to months; how long really depends on how much we collect over time and when we run out of room to keep it. So, your best chance for recovery is to inquire as soon as you miss your item. We'll do our best looking for it, if it's not already turned up. Yes, you are welcome to come look for it yourself, but please check with us for a suitable time, as we do often have daytime and evening events in progress.

We always try to reunite you with your wallet, driver's license, credit cards, phone, etc., if we can find identification and some way to get in touch. If we find a credit/debit card and no way of contacting you, we turn the card in to the associated local bank or store. It's not always possible to track you down, but we've all lost these items, too, so we know what a hassel it is to cancel accounts and get new cards, DL, phone and so forth. We don't want your stuff and are happy for you to have it back.

What happens to your left/lost stuff when we decide to find it a new home? We make a list of reusable items in good condition and take them to a local charity, typically Goodwill. Personal items such as cups, soiled clothing, singles of a pair or set (earrings, shoes, socks, etc.) are typically thrown away.

Now the bad news. As certain as you are that you left/lost it at the PAC, maybe you didn't. It happens all the time, so please check other possible locations for your missing item(s). Did someone turn it in to us? Maybe. But sometimes lost and found items are turned in to the event sponsor instead of a PAC employee, so be sure to check with them, too. Sadly, if it's something of value to someone else, they may have decided to keep it for themselves.

So, it doesn't hurt to ask if we found it, but don't get mad if we don't have your right shoe that you left here six months ago. Caught here in a rainstorm? We always have a batch of umbrellas on hand... just ask!