Balanced Literacy Approach

Literacy is not just another school subject.
It is the foundation of all subjects.
 What is the Balanced Literacy approach to literacy instruction?



Read Aloud/Modeled Reading

         Exposes students to variety of genres and texts otherwise out of students' reach

         Models proficient reading

Write Aloud/Modeled Writing

       Exposes students to a variety of genres and writing skills beyond students' current level of ability

          Models proficient writing

Shared Reading

         Teacher teaches and models reading strategies

         Further explains reading process

Shared Writing

         Teacher teaches and models writing strategies

          Teacher scribes for students while further extending understanding of writing process 

Interactive Reading

         Teacher and student(s) choose text and share the reading

         Students are encouraged to read on their own when they can

Interactive Writing

        Teacher and student(s) choose topic and "share the pen"

         Writing piece is created together

Guided Reading

         Teacher engages child in questioning and discussion and reinforces skills

         Teacher acts as guide while student does the reading and practices skills

Guided Writing

          Teacher engages child in questioning and discussion and reinforces skills

          Student practices writing strategies while teacher acts as a guide

Independent Reading

         Student chooses text and practices reading at his/her level

         Independent Writing

          Student chooses writing topic and practices at independent level


Word Study

Students practice skills related to phonics/phonemic awareness, grammar, vocabulary