AFJROTC 2016 Summer Leadership Camp (SLC)





Ola's AFJROTC program conducted it's first ever Summer Leadership Camp (SLC) here at Ola H.S. From May 31st to June 4th, 14 AFJROTC cadets attended a 5-day SLC putting in 12-hour days doing physical training, learning about leadership and team building, drilling, and learning military customs and courtesies.  In the past, Ola’s AFJROTC cadets attended a similar encampment held later in the month at Mercer University which is attended by AFJROTC units from across, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.  However, this year, due to Henry County AFJROTC instructor contracts being reduced to only ten months, Ola's AFJROTC instructors volunteered to hold their own SLC immediately following the end of the school year to ensure Ola's cadets received a summer leadership experience similar to other AFJROTC cadets.  Unlike the camp held at Mercer University, Ola AFJROTC cadets did not have the opportunity to experience staying “overnight” and returned home at the end of each grueling day.  However, they did accomplish something cadets at other SLCs, to include Mercer, do not.  At the completion of Ola’s SLC, all 14 cadets, which range in age from 14-16 years old, received their CPR certification and now have a lifesaving skill set to add to their life skills tool kit.  The 14 AFJROTC cadets who participated in Ola’s SLC are:  Beau Brennan, Nile Brodie, Byron Carroll, Sebastian Cowart, Aaron Daines, Kimberly Elmore, D’ante Fair, Caylin Grant, Shania Hyacinth, Isaiah McDonald, Taylor Moran, Grant Sizemore, Alexis Williams, and Angelica Zac-Williams.  Ola’s administrators and AFJROTC instructors are very proud of these cadets as they are now better prepared to assume key leadership roles in the coming school year.  Click on the following link to see highlights of Ola AFJROTC’s 2016 Summer Leadership Camp:  Ola AFJROTC Summer Leadership Camp (SLC)