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Teachers of the Month - Each month, both students and staff members will choose Teachers of the Month. See our Teachers of the Month inside.

Each month, both students and staff members will choose Teachers of the Month. The student or staff member nominating a teacher is required to give a brief explanation why they are nominating the teacher. 

As you will see by the comments, Luella High School truly has wonderful teachers who work very hard for their students and their peers. 

Below see our TEACHERS OF THE MONTH and the comments provided by those nominating them. 

Student selected Teachers of the Month:

    • Dr. Maxine Marks
      • Having Dr. Marks as a teacher is the best thing anyone could ask for. She's very patient and understanding and a great teacher as well.
      • She is the best teacher she is always there for her students and she cares for everyone of us and she honestly has a true heart
      • She is cool! Thanks for being a great Teacher
      • Ms. Deaniss Dean
    • Ms. Deaniss Dean
      • I nominate Ms Dean because she has the most school spirit out if all the teachers. She cares about her students and goes beyond just to help us. I feel like Ms Dean actually cares about teaching, and it shows.
      • Ms. Dean is just a good teacher all around; she helps whenever you need it and she stands up teaching and explaining everything we need to understand.
      • Ms. Camille Bratton
        • She is a great math teacher, she helps you understand things. She has been special for me because she has helped me alot since I been in Luella. I really appreciate her
        • She is super duper helpful
      • Ms. Monica Curry
        • Mrs. Curry is a very kind and caring person
        • She is very devoted to her job. Follows all the rules and makes sure we do too. She is very caring to her students, and helps in anyway to make sure her students pass.
      • Dr. Phillip Smith 
        • A chill teacher who really loves what he does.
        • Dr. Smith is a wonderful teacher by explaining within detail his curriculum and assisting us when we need help, while at the same time keeping the class entertaining.
        • Dr. Smith really believes in us and motivates us to pass, his class and high school.

Staff selected Teachers of the Month:

    • Ms. Michelle Ahmad
      • Always goes the extra mile to help students and assist teachers.
      • Hardworking - investing a lot of time and effort into our students
      • She’s a phenomenal woman
    • Ms. Jennifer Coleman
      • Mrs. Coleman goes beyond the classroom to improve the education and experiences of students, from her support of the history club to guiding students through National History Day projects. She is empathetic but firm in holding rigorous standards, and encourages all students to be their best.
      • She is an awesome teacher and person. Always willing to help out
    • Ms. Kinsey Schultz
      • No one loves or shows kids love more
      • Ms Schultz is synonymous with hard work and putting the student first. She believes in the core values of Luella High School and practices and displays them everyday.
      • Ms. Schultz makes every choice based on what is best for her students, even if it is at the cost to herself. She will spend hours grading on the weekend just to make sure her students understand vocab because "its helpful to them.”
    • Mr. Mark Hammontree
      • Mark is a teacher who respects his peers, administrators, and his students. He values the opinions, backgrounds, and experiences of everyone around him. He provides a space in his classroom for students to voice their perspectives in a safe space. He is confident, but humble, and shows that through his hard work and determination to do right by his kids.
      • …The biggest reason, however, is that I have one of his former students. He can make her smile, and I can barely get her to talk to me. I am motivated by his success with her!
    • Ms. Carletta Perry
      • Wonderful Team Player
      • Everyday Ms. Perry is taking the time to get to know each of her students and improve their skills to be a contributing member of Luella and the Luella Community.