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Getting "Pepped Up" for Georgia Milestones

WES Pep Rally

Woodland Elementary School (WES) staff and community wanted to get their students excited about taking the Georgia Milestones test on this coming Wednesday and hosted an epic pep rally. WES students were welcomed to the pep rally with cheers by the Woodland High School Basketball Cheerleaders and inspiring tunes played by the Woodland High School Marching Band to start the pep rally off with a bang.

Dream Believe Achieve is the motto used by the WES Testing Team to keep the students focused on performing at the highest levels during testing. The testing team performed a live skit for the students and got lots of cheers and laughter from the students after they viewed a video play the teachers created about being prepared for test. The pep rally also included some more music and encouragement from the high school band and cheerleaders to keep the excitement going strong.

WES Principal Christine Anderson stated, “Our teachers and students have been doing a great job in the classrooms getting prepared for the Milestones test; and we wanted to reward them in a way that was fun and relaxing so that the students are encouraged about all the efforts put towards their testing goals”. Anderson also stated, “Having the support of Woodland High School to send over some of their student leaders as role models for our younger students was a great, and reinforces the cohesive Woodland sprit of our community.”

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