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Fairview Elementary presented at the GAPBS conference

Fairview Elementary presented at the Georgia Association for Positive Behavior Supports (GAPBS) conference on December 1, 2016. A Fair View: The Connection between PBIS & Title I The presentation offered a Title I school's early implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS). Initial focused on the universal (Tier I) application, where a shared leadership model utilized the collective experiences of educators and school-based mental health professionals. Secondary discussions highlighted the importance of community-based involvement, with primary examples noted in state-level representatives. Additional topics highlighted were the use of the Second Step Curriculum in instilling self-regulation and social skills at a Title I school. Accompanied by particular strategies employed in various settings in the school setting (e.g., classroom, cafeteria, hallways, etc.). Participants witnessed a modeling of examples for classroom and home use. Final discussions focused on the cultural components of implementing a PBIS framework. This involved a year-to-year comparison of office disciplinary referrals (ODRs). Implications for future practice was offered in a Q&A session. PBIS Team (Pictured L-R) Ms. Campbell (Parent Involvement Paraprofessional), Ms. Huffman (Kindergarten), Dr. Benjamin (Principal), Mr. Mincey (School Psychologist/PBIS Coach), Ms. Pittman (Second Grade/PBIS Leader), Ms. Forte (Third Grade), Ms. Dyer (Special Education), Mr. Ervin (Assistant Principal), and Ms. Feloss (First Grade) PBIS Team (Not Pictured) Ms. Reynolds (School Counselor), Ms. Truax (Fourth Grade), Dr. Potts (Fifth Grade), Ms. Dollar (Specials - Art), and Ms. Fletcher (Student Support Facilitator)