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Week of September 28th- October 2nd Phase II of Face to Face Return to School

Parents please be reminded:

 The week of September 28th - October 2nd is our introductory Return To School Week. Students with the last name beginning A-M who are planning on returning face to face in the building will come to school Monday and Tuesday of that week and can be dropped off begining 7:05 a.m. Students with the last name beginning N-Z who are planning on returning face to face in the building will come to school Thursday and Friday of that week and can be dropped off beginning 7:05 a.m. Please note, Wednesday, September 30th will be a day for all students to work independently from home completing any makeup assignments .Beginning October 5th, students who choose face to face learning will beginning reporting to school daily, Monday - Friday. 

Question: What does my child do for instruciton on the days that they are not suppose to come physycially into the building on that Phase II week?

Students should continue to work virtually with their teacher. We will however beginning, Monday, September 28th no longer operate on a augmented virtual schedule but, will operate on our full instructional schedule for ALL students ( Face to Face and Virtual)  *** Please see the new Full Daily Schedule on the Website. 

What time will roll be taken by the teacher?

Direct instruction, roll call of student present,  and interaction with the teacher will begin at 7:45 a.m. daily for both face to face and virtual learners with the exclusion of our Pre-K units. Please follow the instruction provided by the Pre-K teachers to each parent for your individual child.

Will my virtual child be expected to remain online all day with the students physically in class?

Phase II instruction allows us to restore as much as possible to providing your child an education that allows for students to be exposed to the full, rich, instructional standards required to complete the skills associated to the student's grade level. The opportunity for learning is going to be provided to students who are both physically in school, and those virtually at the same time, by their same teacher. All students will continue to receive some independent work time built into the schedule, however it is reasonable to understand that students who are physically in school will be able to continue to ask questions of the teacher during independent practice times based on their physical presence in the classroom.

The teacher is going to be just as available to online students as well, however they will need to remain online during what was previously considered before as the time to log off for independent practice. Parents of virtual students who have their children log out during independent practice time can continue to do so, however, that is will an independent family decision. The teacher is going to remain online however to support any student who may need assistance. For any parent who requires their child to log off, someone should ensure that the student is back on for instruction for the start of the next subject in a timely manner.  


Just a few reminders:

1. Parents should be making every effort to log onto their child's Infinite Campus system either through their Infinite Campus Parent Portol account, or their child's  Infinite Campus access to ensure that students are completing work, attending school, and making acceptable grades. 

2. Classwork and Homework are due at the time established by the teacher and communicated to the student. Work will not be accepted multiple days and weeks after assiged for the purpose of receiving credit.

3. There is a computer technician onsite daily. It will not be acceptable for students to go weeks without logging on or turning in work and then attempting to submit  work weeks after the due date using the excuse of the technoloy device was  not working.  If there are any concerns with the device, an adult should contact the school, make an appointment to come during operating hours to have the device reviewed by the technician and documentation concerning the device noted, followed by a plan put in place with the teacher's help in the meantime until the device is working. 

The process of educating students with drive, purpose, and care is going to continue for our face to face and virtual students regardless of their location of learning. However, in order to receive this great reward in life called education, THE STUDENT MUST BE PRESENT! It takes the village, it really does take the complete village in order to make education happen successfully during these times. Students can't learn or grow if they miss out on school.