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MAP Assessment Information

Fairview Elementary will take part in the MAP Growth Assessment this week.  This local benchmark is the first of three administrations for the 2020-2021 year.  In addition to other school-based measures (e.g., reading and mathematics), information obtained from this school-wide assessment tool will better inform the instructional needs and practices for students throughout the upcoming semester. 

The schedule is as follows: 

  • Monday (August 24, 2020): Grades 1-5 will take the Practice Test. 
  • Tuesday (August 25, 2020): Grades 1-5 will take the Reading portion of the MAP Assessment. 
  • Wednesday (August 26, 2020): Grades 1-5 will take the Math portion of the MAP Assessment. 
  • Thursday (August 27, 2020): Grades 2-5 will take the Language portion of the Map Assessment. 


Parents and guardians are asked to take the opportunity to read the following information: 

  • Parent Letter: This document provides answers to frequently asked questions.  
  • PowerPoint Presentation: This presentation offers an overview of the MAP Growth Administration along with family-based recommendations for online testing during this remote period. 
  • Accessing MAP: This provides detailed instructions in your child logging into the MAP Growth platform. 

We thank you in advance for your partnership in ensuring your child’s independent participation in this local benchmark assessment.  As aligned to the Student Code of Ethics and Honesty, your child's assessment performance will provide useful information for you as well as faculty and staff. 


MAP Parent Letter

PowerPoint Presentation

Accessing MAP

Accessing MAP (Spanish)

MAP Parent Letter (Spanish)