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Having Technical Issues?

The following directions applies to these situations:
  • Videos won't load, or freeze in the middle.
  • Assignment pages won't load or quizzes won't submit.  
  • Can't type into text boxes or characters appear slowly while typing.
These directions will solve 95% of all technical problems with Edgenuity:

1)      Switch to Mozilla Firefox ( )

2)      Check your plugins  (directions below)*

3)      Clear browser history & cached memory  (directions below)**

4)      Make sure not to open any additional browsers while you’re taking a quiz/test.  This can cause the system to automatically submit your assessment, which sometimes automatically gives you a 0.


When you first log into Edgenuity, click on "Resources", then "Check Plugins".  This will ensure that you have all the necessary software to run the videos.   OR, click the "Check Plugins" link on the login page, before logging in.  Also Click Here to Check Your Plug-Ins


Hit "Control-Shift-Delete" at the same time... a little box should pop up... change the Time frame to "Everything"..... UNCHECK "Active Logins", make sure that  "Browsing and Download History", "Cookies", and "Cache" ARE CHECKED.  Hit "Clear Now".

  • NOTE:  Many student computer problems are caused by allowing MALWARE to be installed with other software.  Please be careful to untick boxes during the install process when you download software from random sites.   Download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7 and below, Windows Defender for Windows 8, complete a FULL scan and remove the offending software. 
If the above steps are unsuccessful, call Edgenuity Support: (877) 202-0338, ext.3.  Impact Academy cannot provide extensive technical support for your computer or internet connection.  Call your internet provider or a computer repair shop if the problem is isolated to your computer. 
  •  We do offer Face to Face help on our school campus site at HCHS, in the trailers on the bus lane, and we have a limited supply of netbook computers that students may use on a temporary basis on site only.  We do NOT check out computers to students at this time.  Refer to teacher/grade level availability for F2F days and times.