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Adjusted Hybrid Learning Schedules are Here!

Starting the week of September 28th, our students will begin to use their hyrbid learning schedules, which are staggered across the building to promote distancing between face to face class changes and to also ensure that face-to-face and remote learners have a chance to connect and receive instruction from teachers at the same time.

While it may appear that face-to-face learners have extra time in comparison to remote learners, it is important to note that face-to-face learners have to go through class changes, santization processes, and other transition activities that remote learners do not have to do. 

Please check out the schedules below:

Sixth Grade Hybrid Schedules:

Team 6-1

Team 6-2

Team 6-3

Seventh Grade Hybrid Schedules:

Team 7-1

Team 7-2

Team 7-3

Eighth Grade Hybrid Schedules:

Team 8-1


Team 8-2

Team 8-3