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Jaguar Scholars Say:

Austin Road Middle School
Vocabulary Word of the Week
Austin Road Middle School will incorporate a school-wide vocabulary development initiative aimed at enhancing students’ overall word knowledge and reading comprehension, as well as increasing both individual and school standardized tests results.
Jaguar “Word For The Week” – WEEK #14 
Carte Blanche—(A Noun) - Definition: Permission to do something in anyway you choose to do it. 
Used in a Sentence: The teachers gave the scholars carte blanche to decorate the gym.
Week 13 - Suave - Gracious and sophisticated. 
Week 12 - Scarcity - An insufficient amount or supply; a shortage. 
Week 11 - Translucent - Allowing light to pass through, but blurring it so that images cannot be seen clearly. 
Week 10 - Cunning - Sly, crafty or clever.
Week 9 - Aptitude - The ability to learn or understand something quickly. 
Week 8 - Emerge - To become visible or known. 
Week 7 - Destination - The place to which a person or thing is going or is sent. 
Week 6 - Meticulous - Showing great concern for details; extremely careful or precise. 
Week 5 - Versatile - Having varied uses or functions. 
Week 4 - Ignite - To cause something to start burning. 
Week 3 - Sociable - Enjoying the company of others; friendly. 
Week 2- Serenity- The quality of being calm, peaceful or untroubled.
Week 1- Gusto- Great enjoyment; zest.