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December Book of The Month


A tale that weaves  fantasy into the everyday life of a middle-schooler named Charlie. As Charlie struggles with typical middle school issues  from boys, changing friendships, science projects, and dance recitals, she  realizes these all lack importance  in the wake of a family emergency. Whuile a talking fish may seem out of placein this scenario, Messner  makes it work by creating  humor  and light- heartedness to an otherwise difficult topic.  Readers  will be cheering  for Charlie  and her family to overcome  their troubles.  


Project ideas: 

1. Research ice fishing. Where is it done? What equipment is used? What kinds of Fish are caught? Create a brochure using your research and elements of the story. 

2. There are a lot of promises made in the story, especially between Abby and Charlie and their families.  Make a promise  to yourself  and your friends  or your family. Write a letter  to your future  self (maybe 18?)  reminding your future self what you believe about substance abuse and why you want to make this promise.