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November Book of the Month

Checkout the Book of the Month from the Media Center. complete the project, take the AR test and attend the reward event!  

This month the book is Rebound by Kwame Alexander


What matters most is not how far you have fallen, but how well you bounce back! Rebound is a story about resilience. A rebound is a second chance or an opportunity to be successful. While visiting his grandparents in the summer of 1988, Chalie Bell works through his grief by finding the healing power of basketball. This is a special story of family, recovery and growing into manhood. 


Project Options: Due December 20th 

1. Create a free verse poem about a topic of your choice and then make a comic strip as a visual representation of your poem. 

2. Research the history of the Boys and Girls Clubs in America. Create a presentation about the impact of these organizations on the communities they serve. 

3. Music  was an essential part of the narrative.  Create a playlist for the book. Write an explanation about how each song connects to the text.