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Why so many performances?

Each grade level will have a music performance night at some point during the 2016-2017 school year. Students work very hard in preparation for these performances. There are several significant advantages to having school performances including the incorporation of the 4 C's of learning that are an integral component of personalized learning.
Advantages include:
1 - Building school community - Students collaborate to produce and prepare for the performance. This creates a wonderful opportunity for students to bond together as a class and as a grade level. 
2 - Reinforce Learning - Much of what students are learning about in the music room for these performances reinforces concepts they are studying in their regular classrooms. Students utilize their critical thinking skills to make connections between music and real world scenarios. A performance energizes students and motivates them to learn the songs. Songs are often used as a method to teach children concepts. (Think about how most students learn their ABC's.)
3 - Setting & Achieving Goals - The successful completion of a performance boosts students' self-esteem.  They have the satisfaction of seeing their goals being achieved and they can take pride in working hard to reach their goal. 
4 - Celebrating Students' Talents  - Performances allow students the opportunity to shine. Parents often discover hidden talents in their student and in their student's creative endeavors. Students are frequently surprised by the talent of other students, as well. 
5 - Building poise & Experience Performing - One of the hardest things for most adults to do is to give a presentation or a speech in front of peers. Student performances provide communication opportunities early in life through speaking and performing in front of audiences. Students become more mindful of their actions in front of others. These opportunities also help teach students to succeed under pressure.  
These are just a few advantages of student performances and why it is important for students to participate in their grade level performances this year.