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Henry County Schools/Ola Middle School Community Message – March 16, 2023

Henry County Schools Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis addressed a serious incident that occurred at Ola Middle School on March 15, 2023:

“Our schools are designed to be centers of quality education and safe havens for young people to develop, grow, and succeed. Henry County Schools makes a daily commitment to be a district where every student is valued and knows that they belong. As your Superintendent, I accept the responsibility for creating the systems that ensure students learn at high levels and that students have opportunities to succeed. But my first and most significant responsibility is to ensure a safe school for every one of our nearly 44,000 students.

Yesterday, we had an incident at Ola Middle School where a verbal altercation between students escalated into a physical incident and ultimately resulted in one of our students seriously injured. This remains an active investigation. We are working in partnership with the Henry County Police Department as they continue to investigate this incident. We are also conducting an internal investigation into the matter.

We, as an organization, will not tolerate any behavior of this nature on any one of our 52 Henry County Schools campuses. As your Superintendent, and also as a mother, I go to bed every night and wake up every morning thinking about the safety of our young people, and I will continue to take every necessary step in order to be certain our schools are a safe haven for students to learn.”

Watch a video of the statement here: