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HCS Board of Education Approves Transportation Improvement Plan

Submission Date: August 25, 2021

Release Date:  For Immediate Release

Contact: J.D. Hardin, 770-957-6601 ext. 01161,

(Release # 0011-08-2021)

HCS Board of Education Approves Transportation Improvement Plan 

HCS Board of Education Approves Transportation Improvement Plan

Board of Education adjusts FY22 budget to support incentives, retention plan for bus drivers, critical service areas

HENRY COUNTY, GA – With public education transportation departments across the country facing various staffing challenges to start the new school year, the Henry County Board of Education is taking the next step to lessen the strain by bolstering efforts to recruit and retain a skilled and qualified workforce to ensure one of the district’s essential services.

Board members held a special called meeting on Monday, August 23 for the purposes of executive session to approve the latest personnel recommendations.  Also on the agenda was an adjustment to the FY22 budget to address key measures aimed at enhancing the district’s transportation services and qualified personnel.

“Our bus drivers are the first and last smile many of our students see each day as members of the Henry County Schools family, and this school year our team of drivers and monitors have been extraordinary,” stated Davis.  “We place a high value on their job and importance to our school district, and we believe this investment recognizes them and will also attract more people to join our team.”

Henry County Schools, like districts around the state and nation, has been gripped by lower than normal employment levels.  Beginning the school year operationally staffed proved to be insufficient in absorbing the impact of COVID-19 and quarantines among drivers.

The Henry County Board of Education approved an adjustment to the FY22 budget to support up to a $2 million investment in incentives and improvements for bus drivers, monitors, and other critical support services.  Part of the improvements includes increasing all experience levels by $2, meaning that the starting pay rate for drivers is now $17.61 and $14.40 for monitors.  As an added bonus, a $1,000 new hire bonus for new drivers to the county and a $1,000 retention incentive for current drivers will be enacted.

To ensure drivers are healthy and safe, they are all eligible for the district’s $1,000 vaccination incentive that carries through the end of September.  District officials continue to remind the entire school community that the most effective mitigation effort available at this time is the COVID-19 vaccine.

And Chief Operations Officer Josh Malcom knows his transportation department will benefit greatly from the additional support to ensure transportation services are maintained all across the county.

“We are appreciative of the drivers we currently have in our ranks, which is why there are also incentives for them worked into the latest budget adjustments made by our board of education,” said Chief Operations Officer Josh Malcom.  “We want everyone to know that they can have a successful and rewarding career making sure our students get to and from school safely and on time.”

Other measures approved to help attract immediate support for transportation services include:

  • Immediate access to benefits
  • Paid training days
  • Waiver of finger-printing fee
  • Work uniforms
  • Referral bonuses

In addition to investment in transportation service improvements, the board of education also approved budget support for other critical support services, including clinic aides, school nutrition, and substitute teachers.  This support includes increases to the starting, hourly, and daily rates for each job family.

Each of the support personnel in the district plays a vital role in the seamless operations to provide students and families with a high-quality education. 

“It takes every one of our 6,000 employees to make an education possible for the young people in our community,” added Davis.  “This new school year has demonstrated just how heroic and how important every employee is.”

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