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E-SPLOST 6 Approved by Henry County Voters

Thank you, Henry! E-SPLOST 6 Has Passed!

A Message from Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis:

To the Citizens of Henry County,

I want to say thank you on behalf of the 43,000 students and 6,000 employees, who learn and work in our district each day, for your support and passage of E-SPLOST 6.  Each time E-SPLOST comes up for renewal, we don’t take for granted the support that has been shown to the projects that have been put up for a vote.  We work hard to showcase all that has been accomplished through previous E-SPLOSTs, and the list of accomplishments is truly something to behold.  What makes them so special is that the projects are the direct result of input from our community members representing the ideas and desires of thousands of voices.

The E-SPLOST 6 project list that was approved with the highest percentage of voter support since 2007 will impact every single school in our district in a positive way, and that means current and future students and staff members will benefit thanks to your confidence in our schools and your support of our community.  The projects were developed through your voice, and it was your voice at the polls that continues to invest in our future.

As we forge through the next couple of months to round out this school year, I want to tell you that your support for our schools has been extraordinary.  At a time when this pandemic still creates many instances of uncertainty, one thing remains true and constant, and that is your partnership in ensuring that our students and staff can continue to have an exceptional education here in Henry County Schools!

We look forward to keeping you informed of the progression of the projects that were approved through regular board meeting updates and a dedicated space on our district website in the weeks, months, and years ahead. 

-Mary Elizabeth Davis