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HCS Approved as COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution Site for Employees

Submission Date: February 12, 2021

Release Date:  For Immediate Release

Contact: J.D. Hardin, 770-957-6601 ext. 161,

(Release # 0043-02-2021)

HCS Approved as COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution Site for Employees

HCS Approved as COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution Site for Employees

Approval comes one week after successful pitch to Department of Public Health Officials

HENRY COUNTY, GA – Henry County Schools employees interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine are one step closer after the district’s application to become a Closed Point of Distribution (POD) was approved by District 4 Public Health officials.

School district officials first set out to become a distribution site for COVID-19 vaccines by creating a Vaccination Strategy Team to plan a comprehensive approach for the district to follow including a detailed application for consideration by region and state health officials.  The work of the strategy team started in December and involved many conversations with community partners and medical professionals.  The extensive work culminated this week with the necessary approvals to begin the implementation of the plan.

“We are ecstatic to be an approved Closed Point of Distribution to provide vaccinations to our employees who opt to receive one,” said Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis.  “This process was a large undertaking, but it was worth it to ensure we are doing our part to keep Henry healthy.”

Henry County Schools officials are currently compiling data from an interest survey used to gauge just how many employees want to receive a vaccine with the understanding it will be the employee’s personal choice and not a district requirement.

As a Closed POD, Henry County Schools will coordinate with its registered school nurses and other key medical personnel from the community to administer the vaccinations in a drive-thru clinic at the Henry County Learning & Support Center. The state is currently still in Phase 1A+ of its vaccine rollout plan with education personnel remaining as part of the next phase, Phase 1B.

“We are thankful that educators were placed in a high priority status under the direction of our Governor,” added Davis.  “Our focus is not on the availability of the vaccine, but on making certain we are fully prepared when the shift to phase 1B occurs.  This is an exciting opportunity not only for Henry County Schools and its community, but also for other school districts around the state and nation.  We hope our efforts will serve as a model for others in their local planning.”

Henry County Schools will also include private schools and daycares in its plan.

Henry County Schools has created a COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit website to keep employees apprised of important information regarding updates, self-education resources, testimonials from colleagues, and links on where to find vaccination administration sites prior to the district receiving its own vaccines to administer.

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