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ACT Scores Improve Across the Board for Henry County Schools

Submission Date: October 21, 2020

Release Date:  For Immediate Release

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(Release # 0023-10-2020)

ACT Scores Improve Across the Board for Henry County Schools  

ACT Scores Improve Across the Board for Henry County Schools

Five of district’s high schools mirror same accomplishment as county

HENRY COUNTY, GA – In Henry County Schools, seniors in the Class of 2020 did not let the national pandemic stop their progression on the ACT, one of the nation’s standardized tests used for college admissions.  Overall, district scores increased in all subject areas as well as the composite score while also outpacing the national performance change from 2019 to 2020.  As a district, Henry County Schools matched or outpaced the state change in four of the five reporting areas.

“It is a testament to our seniors and the teachers in this district that our students were able to increase performance levels even during a pandemic,” said Holly Cobb, Vice-Chair of the Henry County Board of Education.  “The Class of 2020 is a special class, and these scores are great indicators of their resiliency and determination to finish their high school careers on a positive note.  I’m delighted to see the trend continue where our district is improving at a faster rate than our national peers.”

The ACT, like its SAT counterpart, is a nationally standardized test typically used as a part of the college admissions process; however, there are four subjects tested on the ACT – English Language Arts, Math, Reading, and Science – compared to just Math and Evidence-based Reading and Writing with the SAT.  Students can score up to a 36 on the ACT in any of the tested areas, and the overall composite score can go up to 36 as well.  In the spring of 2020, many colleges and universities across the nation suspended the use of standardized tests as a part of the admissions process due to the pandemic.

The district composite score increased by 0.4 points, to 19.7, a greater level of growth than that seen by the state and also at a time when the national average decreased.

Henry County Schools’ 2020 seniors also saw an average increase of 0.4 points in all measured subject areas.  This is a greater average increase for district seniors when compared to the state’s average increase of 0.35 points and the national average decrease of 0.1 points.

Of the district’s 10 high schools, five schools had senior classes realize across-the-board gains in all subject areas and composite scores.  Hampton, Luella, Stockbridge, Union Grove, and Woodland high schools all increased their composite scores this year by an average of 0.86 points.  Seniors at Luella High School saw the greatest composite score gain of 1.3 points.

Two additional high schools saw increases in at least one subject area.  Eagle’s Landing High School saw increases in Math and Science, while Ola High School saw an increase in Science.

Math and Science were the two subjects that had the largest growth in average scores for the district.  Both subject areas experienced 0.5 point gains.  In math, 6 out of 10 high schools increased their score, while 7 out of 10 high schools increased scoring in science.

Luella High School seniors from the Class of 2020 had the greatest gains this year compared to their Class of 2019 counterparts.  Two of their subject area scores – ELA and Science – also tied those of seniors across the nation.  Principal Jerry Smith was pleased to see the hard work of his students and staff pay off last year with the revelation of these ACT scores.

“These scores are a tribute to the commitment from our students, faculty, and community,” said Smith.  “We knew the Class of 2020 was going to reach down and do what it takes to shine through.  Their hard work is accounted for in these scores, and this success is just a huge tribute to them.”

While the Luella High School seniors’ composite score saw the highest growth in the district, there were also increases of 1.2 points in ELA, 1 point in math, 1.6 points in reading, and 1.2 points in science.

When looking at district seniors’ scores relative to their state and national peers, Ola High School seniors scored higher than their national peers in Math, Reading, Science, and the composite score.  Union Grove High School seniors topped both the national and state averages in all scoring areas. 

The latest student performance metrics were welcomed news for Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis and district leaders.

“It is simply remarkable the accomplishments of our Class of 2020,” said Davis.  “Our students and teachers worked extremely hard last year, and despite the way the year ended, these results reveal one of the great highlights of 2020.  Our board and district are proud to recognize these achievements.”

The district and school results are reflected below:

ACT Scores  

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