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Henry County Schools Sees Increase to SAT Scores

Submission Date: September 10, 2020

Release Date:  For Immediate Release

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(Release # 0015-8-2020)

Henry County Schools Sees Increase to SAT Scores  

Henry County Schools Sees Increase to SAT Scores

HCS Class of 2020 shows growth as national, state scores take slight dip

HENRY COUNTY, GA – Outgoing seniors from the Class of 2020 left another positive mark on Henry County Schools with the latest release of the SAT scores showing increases to the district’s composite mean by seven points when compared to the previous year’s scores.  Additionally, the College Board’s announcement revealed that four high schools in the district showed improvements in their composite scores in a year-to-year comparison.

“Anytime our students show growth in achievement levels, we are extremely proud of their hard work,” said Josh Hinton, Chair of the Henry County Board of Education.  “The end of the previous school year was challenging for everyone, but to hear our seniors showed improvements on a national test, that is a testament to everyone’s resilience.”

The SAT, a national standardized test regularly used as a part of the college admissions process, consists of two testing areas to measure student readiness for college: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW).  The scores from these two areas help to formulate a total composite score for each student.  The highest score a student can receive in each testing area is 800, and the highest composite score possible is 1,600.

The composite mean score for the district now sits at a 1010 in 2020 compared to a 1003 in 2019.  The district’s ERW Mean score increased four points from 516 to 520, and the Math Mean score improved three points from 487 to 490.

Luella, Stockbridge, Union Grove, and Woodland high schools all saw increases to their mean composite scores by an average of 20 points.  All four schools saw increases to both their Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) Mean scores, too.  Hampton High School experienced a three-point gain in their ERW Mean score, and Ola High School saw an increase of eight points in their Math Mean score.

Five high schools in the district saw increases to the number of students taking the test resulting in the overall number of test-takers in Henry County Schools increasing as well.  This continues the increased participation rate witnessed from the previous year.

Stockbridge High School was one of the high schools that showed strong growth in each scoring area as revealed in the latest results.  The seniors from Stockbridge increased the school’s performance number by 23 points overall.  There was a double-digit gain in the ERW Mean score, tied for the second-largest increase in the district in that area.  They also had the second-largest increase in the Math Mean score among those showing improvement.

When it comes to the increased student achievement levels at the school, Stockbridge High School principal Eric Watson points to a couple of reasons his student achievement levels are on an upward trajectory: a talented, dedicated teaching staff with new resources, and a school full of students buying into the rigor and high expectations the school has for all learners.

“Of course, it starts with our teachers and what they put into creating a rigorous learning environment for our students,” said Watson.  “Day in and day out, our teachers are pushing our students to the highest levels of learning, and our students are eager to take in all the support and instruction being given to them by our Stockbridge High School family.  They continue to strive to meet the expectations we have for each of them, and as a result, achievements such as improved SAT scores are reflections of their hard work.”

When comparing scores in the district to both national and state scores, Henry County Schools increased their performance levels while the state and national scores regressed.  Both Ola and Union Grove high schools performed at higher levels in all areas than their state and national counterparts.  Woodland High School’s performance on the ERW portion outpaced that of their peers on a national level by seven points.

Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis noted the great progress being made across the district and the continued efforts to improve student achievement levels.

“It is encouraging to see the performance levels achieved by our outgoing seniors,” said Davis.  “Despite all the adversity that was faced during the previous school year, our students and our staff made sure to keep a laser focus on learning, and the recently released SAT results reveal the efforts of their dedication to learning.  We continue to narrow the gap with our state and national peers, and I look forward to our students and staff continuing the great strides over the current school year and beyond as a part of our ambitious pursuit”

The district and school results are reflected below:

SAT Scores

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