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Superintendent's Contract Unanimously Renewed by BOE

Submission Date: December 11, 2019

Release Date:  For Immediate Release

Contact: J.D. Hardin, 770-957-6601 ext. 161,

(Release # 0023-12-19)

Superintendent's Contract Unanimously Renewed by BOE  

Superintendent’s Contract Unanimously Renewed by BOE

Board of Education extends contract to 36 months, max allowed by state law

HENRY COUNTY, GA – The Board of Education unanimously voted during their Business Session meeting on Monday, December 9 to renew the contract of Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis for a three-year period, the maximum allowed by state law.  Her new contract continues the same terms as her previous contract except for the updated date range that runs through December of 2022.

According to discussion by board members, the action first took place behind closed doors in executive session before then being brought into the public sphere of the Business Session.

With the recent progress in student achievement and progress toward a unified governance team, Board Chair Josh Hinton said this was the right thing to do to secure one of the top educational leaders in the state.

“What Dr. Davis has been able to do since she has been in Henry County is remarkable,” shared Hinton.  “The number one job of any board is to hire the superintendent, and I can fully tell anybody, with 100 percent confidence, that we have the best person in the seat.  And not only the best person in the seat, I truly believe we have the best superintendent in the entire state of Georgia.”

After a standing ovation from members of the audience upon the announcement, other members of the board were able to weigh in to share their support and acknowledge the impactful work of the district’s top leader.

Dr. Pam Nutt, the longest-serving board member, noted that the board has been hard at work under the guidance and leadership of Superintendent Davis over the past several months, and the results are showing across the board, throughout the county, and beyond.

“We are so ecstatic,” said Dr. Pam Nutt, District 1 Board Member.  “We are so proud of you and so appreciative of you.  Thank you for pushing us to do our best.”

District 5 Member Annette Edwards spoke to the positive momentum that people across the whole district can see and feel, and she is looking forward to future growth.

Edwards stated, “It’s very easy for me to say thank you to Dr. Davis because of the great job that you have done since you have been here.  She has truly come into this county and changed the trajectory of this county.  We are in a good place and we are heading to a much better place since she has been here.  She is just what we needed in this county to move this county further ahead so that we could be the number one county in the state.”

Sophe Pope, the newest member of the board and District 4 Member, shared that it is refreshing and invigorating to see the energy and passion that comes from the top and permeates the district in all areas.

“There truly are no words for the impact that Dr. Davis has had on this organization in her short time here,” said Pope. “The energy she brings is 24/7 and it’s always positive.  She’s always pushing those around her and building people up and truly believes in the capability of each and every student and professional in this organization.”

Board Vice-Chair Holly Cobb rounded out the board comments by adding, “I cannot describe the amazing positivity and leadership that she has brought into the county.  She came in like a breath of fresh air that we all needed. I am excited about the future under her leadership and my vote to extend her contract comes with my full confidence in her leadership and excitement for the future.”

Davis pointed to the board for the work that has been accomplished and remarked about how they have all worked together to make Henry County a place everyone can feature anywhere they go. 

“To the Board of Education, I am humbled by your confidence and definitely blown away by your kind words and appreciate you sharing them,” said Davis.  “It is an honor to be a part of an exceptional school system and to work for a board of education with a unified direction, and we continue to want to make you and this community proud to call Henry County Schools the best in the state.”

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