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ACT Scores on the Rise Across Henry County Schools

Submission Date: October 30, 2019

Release Date:  For Immediate Release

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ACT Scores on the Rise Across Henry County Schools  

ACT Scores on the Rise Across HCS

Composite and Reading scores on national test show student growth

HENRY COUNTY, GA – From one year to the next, seniors in Henry County Schools continue to show steady progress, the latest coming on the ACT – the nationally standardized test used for college admissions.  In all, seven out of ten high schools in the district increased or maintained their composite scores, while multiple schools showed growth in the four tested subject areas.

“The latest results from the ACT provide another example of the positive growth trajectory our students and district are currently on,” said Josh Hinton, Chair of the Henry County Board of Education.  “We are proud to share this good news with our community thanks to the hard work of our students and staff.”

The ACT, like its SAT counterpart, is a nationally standardized test used as a part of the college admissions process; however, there are four subjects tested on the ACT – English Language Arts, Math, Reading, and Science – compared to two with the SAT.  Students can score up to a 36 on the ACT in any of the tested areas, and the overall composite score can go up to 36 as well.

Locust Grove, Luella, McDonough, Ola, and Woodland high schools all increased their composite scores this year by an average of 0.4 points, while Dutchtown and Eagle’s Landing high schools maintained their scores from the previous year.

High schools across the district showed the greatest gains this year in the area of Reading.  Eight schools either increased or maintained their score from the previous year, with the average increase in this area being 0.6 points.  These increases in the area of reading are similar to those seen on other tests such as the Georgia Milestones.  The district has placed a greater emphasis and focus on this area to ensure all students are reading at or above grade level.

Woodland High School had the greatest gains this year and showed improvement in all areas except for science where they maintained their score from the year before.  Principal Dr. Shannon Ellis was thrilled to see her school make these latest improvements and credited the dedication of her staff and their focus on the school improvement plan and its intentional focus on reading, writing, and math literacy.

“Our scores are reflective of both a dedicated and talented teaching staff and the persistence and focused work of our students,” said Ellis.  Her school’s composite score saw the highest growth in the district at 0.7 points, while they also had increases of 1 point in ELA and 1.3 in Reading.

When comparing scores in the district to state scores, Henry County Schools had two schools either meet or surpass the state composite score.  Ola High School met the state average of 21.4 while Union Grove High School’s average was 21.6. 

The latest student performance metrics provided Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis with more good news to share from the district.

“Our ACT scores are just the latest indicators to show that our students are learning at high levels and getting a quality education from dedicated and effective teachers and leaders in our schools,” said Davis.  “The board of education has a lot to be proud of as well for their focus on and support of student achievement.  It is because of them that our students have the best teachers and our teachers have the resources they need to provide our students the best opportunities to have an exceptional learning experience.”

The district and school results are reflected below:

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 Image – ACT results chart for Henry County high schools, as well as district and state scores.


Henry County Schools - ACT 2019