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Board of Education Passes Tentative FY20 Budget

Submission Date: May 21, 2019

Release Date:  For Immediate Release

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(Release # 0033-5-19)

Board of Education Passes Tentative FY20 Budget - Henry County Schools  

Board of Education Passes Tentative FY20 Budget

Figures presented continue board’s pledge to students and employees

HENRY COUNTY, GA – The Henry County Board of Education is one step closer to final adoption of the FY20 budget after passing the tentative FY20 budget during its May Business Session meeting on May 13.  The budget for the 2019-2020 school year will be $407.2 million.

There was much to celebrate by board members after the work that has been done to formulate a balanced budget that remained student-focused and reaffirmed their commitment to employees across the district.  They will take action to adopt the final budget during their June Business Session meeting on June 10.

A major highlight of the budget is the commitment of the board to address employee compensation.  The Henry County Board of Education is ensuring a full $3,000 raise to certified school-based employees as well as the applicable step increase on the salary scale.  They recognize that the best investment the board can make in a child’s education is in attracting and retaining the best employees in the profession.  This also means that a starting teacher’s salary in Henry County Schools will climb to its highest total of $41,000.

The board went further to address compensation across the district, including at the school level.  All classified school-based positions will receive a 3 percent raise and any applicable step increase.  There will also be new staff positions added for growth at the Academy for Advanced Studies, allotments for instructional and personalized learning leads at each school, and additional teachers to support anticipated student growth around the district.  The total investment in personnel at the school level is $19.8 million.

At the district level, the board is putting $2.2 million toward personnel and compensation.  Certified employees at the district level and on the teacher pay scale will receive the $3,000 raise and an applicable step increase, while district classified employees will receive a 3 percent raise and applicable step.  District administrators will receive a 2 percent raise.  The board approved hiring a performing arts center manager for the new Fairview facility and a technician to serve both facilities.  They also approved a proposed reorganization of district office divisions.

In total, the district is receiving $11.7 million from state revenue sources and the Henry County Board of Education is investing another $10.3 million, for a total investment of $22 million in its employees to support the work of educating students.  This comprehensive compensation plan is thanks to the anticipated increases in revenue from state and local sources.  There was an increase of an additional $5.1 million in projected revenues this month compared to what was presented in April.

The budget decision-making priorities for the 2019-2020 school year continued the board’s investment in employees, focus on ensuring resources are close to students, financial efficiency, and long-term sustainability of operations related to revenues and expenditures.

“One of the main responsibilities of our board is adopting a budget to set our school system up for success,” said Board Chair Josh Hinton (District 2).  “With a balanced budget that keeps resources aligned for student success and gives our employees a compensation package they can be proud of, I feel my colleagues and I, along with the district leadership, have been able to put forth a budget that our district can leverage to support high levels of student achievement and growth.”

This is the second straight year that the General Assembly has provided full funding to the QBE formula after 15 years of districts being shorted in the amount of funds they received from the state to educate students.

Prior to adopting the tentative budget, board members and district officials took time over several meetings to solicit community thoughts and ideas.  There were multiple presentations that provided an overview of the budget development process and opportunities for community members to ask questions.  These presentations started in January and will culminate with the passage of the final budget during June.

Other highlights of the budget include:

  • Balanced budget with commitment to increase reserves
  • Maintain school level funding at $60 per student
  • Continued transportation funding for middle/high school athletic teams, including band, for GHSA sanctioned events
  • Additional personnel to meet Strategic Priorities

“It was clear in many of the budget conversations I had with our board throughout this process that honoring our employees was a priority of theirs,” added Davis.  “Through their leadership and their commitment, we have a very focused approach to ensuring our employees are compensated adequately and our student learning experience is never left to chance.  The best possible learning experience a student can have in our schools is a direct reflection of retaining and attracting the best professionals in our industry.”

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