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Eight Students from HCS Named Georgia Scholars by GaDOE

Submission Date: May 14, 2019

Release Date:  For Immediate Release

Contact: J.D. Hardin, 770-957-6601 ext. 161,

(Release # 0032-5-19)

Georgia Scholars - Henry County Schools  

Eight Students from HCS Named Georgia Scholars by GaDOE

HENRY COUNTY, GA – Eight seniors from Henry County Schools have been named Georgia Scholars by the Georgia Department of Education and its Excellence Recognition Office.  This honor is bestowed upon high school seniors achieving great success inside and outside of school.

According to the eligibility requirements, students up for the recognition must have exhibited excellence in all phases of school life, in community activities, and at home.  Their course loads over the past four years of high school have been exemplary and reflect success in each.  They have also successfully participated in interscholastic events at their school and in their communities, while they have assumed active roles in school-sponsored extracurricular activities.

The eight students honored represent three different high schools in the district, and each student will receive a seal for their diplomas.  A total of 260 students from across the state were named Georgia Scholars.

According to State School Superintendent Richard Woods, “The 2019 Georgia Scholars exemplify our mission of educating the whole child.  They are well-rounded students who have engaged with a wide array of educational opportunities – from traditional classroom learning to community service.  I congratulate each of these students and wish them well as they embark on their next steps after high school.”

The Henry County Schools students named Georgia Scholars are:

Corban Anderson – Union Grove High School

Bailey Bair – Ola High School

Samantha Bartholomew – Union Grove High School

Kyle Carden – Union Grove High School

Emily Crawford – Ola High School

Ruthvika Garlapati – Union Grove High School

Angela Leeper – Ola High School

Rawlin Tate Jr. – Woodland High School

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Photos: Georgia Scholars from Henry County Schools


Anderson Bair Bartholomew Carden

Crawford Garlapati Leeper Tate