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Parent Involvement Conference Set for September 10

Submission Date: August 23, 2016


Release Date:  For Immediate Release


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(Release # 0010-8-16)


Parent Involvement Conference

HCS Parent Involvement Conference Set for September 10


HENRY COUNTY, GA – For those families who find themselves struggling with helping their children complete homework or understanding some of the new material being brought home from school, there is an event taking place next month to help with those very scenarios.


Henry County Schools is set to host a parent involvement conference the second Saturday of September to help families who wish to learn better ways of providing assistance and support for their children in various academic content areas.


The conference is titled “Parents Investing in Their Children’s Education: ‘A Dream Team Conference’” and will take place on Saturday, September 10 from 8 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at the Academy for Advanced Studies.  The academy is located at 401 East Tomlinson Street in McDonough.


Educators from all content areas will be on hand to work with parents on the specific subjects where identified needs exist for their children.  The walk-up event is open to all families across Henry County.


Superintendent Rodney Bowler knows the conference will be a great opportunity for families to get more in-depth support when it comes to helping students with their studies at home.


“Involved parents and families means an increase in the likelihood of success for any student in school,” said Bowler.  “Our students need that support at home to continue the lessons learned at school, and this conference will give parents a better understanding of how they can provide such support.


“We hope that parents will take advantage of this conference and the experts who will be on hand to assist.  Our mission of ensuring success for each student has a greater chance of becoming reality when our parents and community play a part in our students’ education.  There will be plenty of support for the various questions that we know parents may have surrounding any number of content areas.”


More parents share that they often do not know where to start when it comes to assisting their children with a variety of subjects due to new methods, terminology, and the scope of material that is covered in the classroom.  The event will offer a variety of tips and resources for parents looking to help their students in academic areas when they might struggle with school work at home. 


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