• Foundations of Engineering Technology

    Course Description:  Foundations of Engineering and Technology is a career technology course at Woodland High School. Successful completion of this course will increase the student’s technological literacy and problem solving skills, expose the student to career opportunities in technology and engineering, and provide opportunities for the student to learn and experiment with engineering design principles. In addition, this course offers the student the unique opportunity to integrate science and mathematics principles to the understanding of engineering disciplines and real world technological solutions.

    1.  Syllabus

      Course Outline and Content:  


      1. Employability
        1. Employability skills required by industry
        2. Resumes and communication skills
        3. Soft skills needed to be successful
      2. Introduction to Engineering Technology
        1. History and development of engineering
        2. Social, economic, and environmental impacts of a technological process, product or system
        3. Engineering processes and Ethics
      3. Engineering Careers
        1. Engineering as a profession
        2. STEM in the real world
        3. Professional Organisations
      4. Safety
        1. Good shop safety procedures
        2. Practice industry standards for LOTO
        3. Safety Rules for 406.
      5. Measurement and Quality Control
        1. Proper measurement techniques
        2. Precision and accuracy
        3. Quality control
      6. Drawings and Blueprints
        1. Introduction to drafting
        2. Reading drawings and blueprints
      7. Engineering Design Process
        1. Research
        2. Brainstorming
        3. Analyzation
        4. Initial Design
        5. Prototype/Test/Revise
        6. Final Design/communicate
      8. Engineering Modeling and Design
        1. Ways to model
        2. CAD/Modeling Software