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          My Name is Taniece Cox and I am excited about being the Math Coach at Wesley Lakes Elementary School. As an adult, we often have one of two reactions to math, " I love math or I hate math". For those of us that had parents to say, " I wasn't good in math" you thought this was your confirmation as to why you were not good in math.

          Well guess what! Even as an adult you can be good in math. How, you might ask? By becoming involved in what many have called "This new math". Since inception of Common Core Standards, many have stated they do not understand this new math. Ironically the focus has shifted to the "Understanding" of math and away from the memorization of steps. So if you hated math as a child and an adult, it is because you spent many nights trying to memorize something you did not understand. Let’s have a growth mindset and help our students understand by providing contextual mathematical experiences. I have provided resources to assist with the process of "Understanding" math and not memorizing math. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email be. 
     Teacher Name: Taniece Cox 
     School Email Address: Taniece.cox@henry.k12.ga.us 
    ILT (Instructional Lead Teacher)
    Thank you for visiting my site! On this site you will find math resources for teachers, parents and students.