• Infinite Campus Parent Access Information

    The Campus Portal is a confidential and secure web site where you can get current information about your child's attendance and grades.

     How do I obtain a GUID Activation Code to create a Parent Portal account for Infinite Campus?

    1.      Log onto the main school website www.henry.k12.ga.us/ugh  

    ·         Click the following:  Site Shortcuts, Click on the Parents link then Parent Infinite Campus Frequently Asked Questions

    ·         Enter in the following information:

    Ø  student's student number (Located on schedule- also used for their lunch account)

    Ø  student's social security number

    Ø  student's birthday

    This will return the appropriate GUID Activation Code on record for you to create your Parent Portal Account.  You may enter it in the box below for reference in the next step. All O’s are entered as the number zero and this code is case sensitive.


    Activation Key:


    2.      Use the Activation Key to Create Usernames and Passwords

    The Activation Key is only needed the first time the user accesses the portal.  After that, the activation key will not work, and the username/password that was created should be used to log into the Portal.

    ·         Return to the main school website www.henry.k12.ga.us/ugh  (you may be able to achieve this just by closing the open browsers until you see the main webpage again.)

    ·         Click the following:  Site Shortcuts, then Infinite Campus Parent/Student Login.

    ·         Locate the orange HELP tab on the right hand side of the page about half way down and click it to expand.

    ·         Click the option that states you have been assigned a Campus Portal Activation Key.

    ·         Click the Submit button. The activation key will be verified and, when approved, will display a screen to create the User Name and Password.

    ·         Enter a User Name. It is best to use an alphanumeric (letters and numbers) user name, no symbols.

    ·         Enter a Password. Again, it is best to use an alphanumeric password no symbols.

    ·         Enter the password a second time in the Verify Password field.

    ·         Click the Create Account button. This will create the username and password.  The username and password will be verified, and upon approval the portal account will be created.  Use the Click Here link on the account creation page to enter the user name and password to access the Portal information.  


    Infinite Campus is now Mobile! 
    Get your Campus Portal information when you want it from your mobile device! 
    Parents and Students can access the portal content via a mobile app. 
    Click here for the Infinite Campus Mobile App Code

    What happens if I forget my ID/password, experience problems logging on, my account is disabled, or other issues?
    Please contact Ms. Von Lanken in the front office at (678) 583-8502 or by email at debbie.vonlanken@henry.k12.ga.us   You will be required to provide the student’s name, correct mailing address and other information to verify identity.

Last Modified on December 5, 2016