Mrs. Raines Physical Science Page


    Welcome to Mrs. Raines physical science class web-sight. On the following pages you will find copies of materials used in class and additional resources provided by the text book. There are also additional materials for you to practice any skills that you are struggling with.


    How to pass this class: Doing the following items will help you be successful in this class:

    1.     Do assigned reading promptly.

    2.     Use your calendars and agenda.

    3.     Be present on a daily basis.  If you are really sick, make up work in a timely manner when you return.  If absent for more than one day arrange for your work to be brought to you.

    4.     Keep your notebook up to date.

    5.     Complete your own assignments.

    6.     Study for tests (start reviewing for a test at least three nights before the test).

    7.     Ask questions when you do not understand


    Course Content:

    This course is taught over a period of two-semesters. Students enrolled in this course are required to take a state mandated Milestone Test at the end of the second semester. The Milestone will count 20% of the overall average.


    Physical Science is designed as a survey course of chemistry and physics. This curriculum includes the more abstract concepts such as the conceptualization of the structure of atoms, motion and forces, and the conservation of energy. The course also discusses the action/reaction principle and wave behaviors. Students investigate physical concepts through experience in laboratories and field work using the processes of inquiry.


    Lessons are guided by essential questions such as:

    ·        How are the scientific method, problem solving skills, and experimental method used in everyday life?

    ·        How are force and motion essential to an understanding of the world?

    ·        How are the forms of energy related?

    ·        What are the properties and behavior of matter?


    Parents and students if you would like to be added to my e-mail group please e-mail me with the address(s) that you want to receive notifications. Generally you can expect to receive information about upcoming projects, labs, unit assessments and milestone  review information.You may also sign up to receive text alerts from me as well. To sign up to receive text alerts the @physci-aas to 81010

    If you have a smart phone down load the app to be able to chat with Ms. Raines after school hours.