Standards-Based Report Cards


    During the 2008-2009 school year Henry County Schools implemented Standards-Based Report Cards in Kindergarten and First Grade. The purpose of the Standards-Based Report Cards is to inform and provide more detailed and accurate feedback to parents regarding their child’s progress towards mastery of specific Georgia Performance Standards at their grade level.
    There are several advantages and benefits of using the Standards-Based Report Card which inlclude clear expectations (the teachers, student and parents know what is expected for mastery) consistency between classrooms and schools in terms of student expectations, up-to-date knowledge on what students know and are able to do and more detailed information about the actual skills and concepts the child has mastered.
    Throughout the nine weeks period a teacher collects evidence that documents a student’s progression towards mastery. The teacher’s collection of evidence may include, but is not limited to the following: tests, quizzes, projects, conversation (teacher commentary) anecdotal notes, observations, writing samples, journal writing, GKIDS (Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developmental Skills), etc. The types of evidence and tangible products are endless that can be used to show a student’s progression and subsequent mastery of a particular standard that is then reported on the report card.
    The Standards-Based Report Cards represent an ongoing reporting tool documenting student mastery of the Georgia Curriculum. The information documented will inform instruction, improve student achievement and ultimately provide more and better education for the learner.


    Timeline for Rollout of Standards-Based Report Cards


    Grade Level
    Kindergarten and First Grade
    Second Grade
    Third Grade
    Fourth Grade
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