Teacher Name:  Coach Norman
    School Email Address:  snorman@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach:  Physical Education
    Meet the Teacher
    Parents in order to make PE fun and safe for our students, please encourage your child to wear athletic shoes (tennis shoes).  Athletic shoes provide better foot and ankle support when students are running, jumping, skipping, hopping, dodging, and changing directions. Dress shoes, flip flops, sandals, and boots are not safe for PE.  Our students are at a greater risk injuring their feet, ankles, or legs when wearing these type of shoes.  Students,when class is in session remotely, we are going to follow the same rules as if we were in the gym at school.  Please do not go to the restroom during class, only if it is an emergency.  Also, do not leave class for a water break and do not have anyything in your hands during class.  Your hands need to be free when doing activities.  I will end class five minutes early so you can get something to drink or use the restroom so you will be ready for your next class session.  Parents,  please learn your child's PE schedule in order to make PE fun and safe for them.
    The first week of school in PE the students will learn the rules and procedures of PE class.  Then the next week the students will  learn their daily stretches and exercises.  Also, the students will be learning how to run, skip, gallop, and hop the correct way.  During  the first few weeks of PE, the main focus will be rules and procedures, stretches and exercises, and loco-motor skills
    Thank you,
    Coach Norman