• Graduation Coach
    Dr. Prothro


    770-954-9515 ext.06111

    470-765-6659 (call or text)

    *If you call the Google Voice number, please leave a message leaving identifying information. If you text that number, provide your name and cohort year. This identifying information will help me to know who is reaching out.*

    Welcome to Eagle's Landing High School!
    We are committed to "educating each for the benefit of all."
    The graduation date for the Class of 2022 is May 27, 2022!
     Graduation :: Tusculum College | Tennessee's First College ...

    What do I do?

    • I make sure seniors are on track to graduate!  (Graduation Requirements)

    • I work with 9th-11th graders to get them/keep them on track to graduate!

    • I coordinate classes in Georgia Credit Recovery and Georgia Virtual School.

    • I facilitate online classes.

    If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with me, please access Book a Meeting with the Graduation Coach


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Last Modified on April 19, 2022