Employee Benefits    

    Henry County Schools offers a comprehensive benefits package to all benefit eligible employees.  The benefits package includes health and dental insurance at a group rate, $10,000 life insurance paid for by the school system with the option to buy additional units at a group rate, retirement packages, and other voluntary benefit options such as cancer and vision insurance which are offered to full-time employees at a reasonable cost.  Employees may also take advantage of payroll direct deposit.  Full-time employees also receive an athletic pass for school sporting events.
    For additional information or questions that cannot be addressed by the detailed information on the website, please contact the Benefits Department at 770-957-6601.
     Benefit Eligibility

    Eligibility for benefits is defined as follows:
    • A teacher employed in a professionally certificated capacity, working 50% of the time or more but not less than 18 hours a week, or
    • A service employee working a non-certificated position covered under the Teacher Retirement system who is at least 60% of the time but not less than 20 hours week, or
    • An employee participating in the Public School Employees Retirement System, working at least 60% but not less than 15 hours a week.
    Deferred Compensation
    Eligibility for 401(k) and 457 is available to all employees.
    Peach State Reserves Tax Sheltered Annuities 401(k) & 457

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    Overview of Employee Benefits

    • $10,000 life insurance policy is provided for each full-time employee by the system. Additional voluntary life insurance is also available at group rates.
    • Membership for all teachers, administrators, secretaries, paraprofessionals, and clerks in Georgia Teacher Retirement System is mandatory (6 percent gross salary).  Membership is mandatory in Public Schools Employees Retirement System (PSERS) for bus drivers, maintenance, and school nutrition employees.  The contribution for PSERS is $4 or $10 depending on the employee's hire date.
    • Membership in the Social Security system is mandatory.  Henry County is required to withhold 7.65 percent and match 7.65 percent of gross wages for Social Security and Medicare.
    • All benefit eligible employees earn sick leave days each month as follows:  180-day employees - 11.25 days per year, 190-day employees - 12.50 days per year, 220-day employees - 13.75 days per year, and 244-day employees - 15.00 days per year.
    • Several options are available to employees for group-rate saving on life, disability, medical, dental, tax sheltered annuities, and other benefits.
    • Complimentary passes to athletic events hosted by Henry County Schools are provided to employees and retirees.
    • All schools are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 
    Retirement Systems

    Teachers Retirement System
    All employees who are employed one-half time or more in a covered position of the state's school system.  The current required employee contribution is 6.00%.  This includes all of the following individuals:  Teachers, Administrators, Supervisors, Clerical Workers, and Paraprofessionals.  Visit their website at www.trsga.com

    Public School Employees Retirement System

    Permanent employees who are eligible to participate in the PSERS and work at least 60% time necessary but not less than 15 hours a week.  Examples:  Bus Drivers, Maintenance, Mechanics and School Nutrition Assistants.

    Employee Retirement
    Any new employee who is a vested member (10 years of service or more) with Employee's Retirement System (ERS) may elect to remain a member of ERS.  The election to stay under ERS must be made in writing to the Board of Trustees no later than 60 days of first becoming employed by Henry County Schools in a position covered by Teacher's Retirement System.  This election is irrevocable.  Please contact the Benefits Office for more information  For further information you may contact Employees Retirement System at 404-350-6300 or visit their website at http://www.ers.ga.gov/default.html


    State Health Benefit Plan (Department of Community Health)

    Eligibility:  404-656-6322

    Lincoln Financial Group - Basic and Supplemental Life

    Georgia United Credit Union
    Agent:  Meg Norrell
    Option 3 for e-branch
     Frequently Asked Questions

    When do my benefits become effective and/or end?
    Your benefits become effective the first day of the calendar month following completion of 30 days of employment.  Benefits are prepaid one month in advance from a payroll deduction.  Benefits continue one month following the last payroll check from which insurance deductions are taken.  However, if you work even one day in a month you are eligible for a deduction that month and your benefits will continue until the end of the following month.

    Is open enrollment the only time I can change my coverage?

    In most situations, yes open enrollment is the only time an employee may change their insurance coverage.  However, in the event of a qualified event the employee may make changes to their coverage.  Qualifying events are:
              1)  Marriage
                 2)  Divorce
                 3)  Birth/Adoption/Legal Guardianship
                 4)  Death
                 5)  Termination of coverage through spouse's employment.
                 6)  Acquisition of coverage through spouse's new employment.
    Please remember that this list is the most common qualifying events.  Please contact the Benefits Office regarding your particular situation.
    How do I change my name with Henry County Schools?
    If there is a name change, we require a copy of your social security card that reflects your correct name before we can change Henry County School records to reflect your new name.

    I’m not happy with the health insurance plan I chose and I have accepted a position with another Georgia school system.  Can I change my plan when I fill out the paperwork at the new system?
    In most cases, you will have to keep the same plan.  You will need to make any changes during our open enrollment prior to your leaving.  This also means dropping coverage.

    I need to change my tax withholdings?
    There should be a supply of federal and Georgia tax withholding forms in your office.  Complete the form(s) and return to the Payroll Office.

    I just got married and need to add my spouse to my coverage, what do I do?
    You have 30 days from the date of marriage to add your new spouse.  However, bear in mind that the coverage will not begin until the first of the month following the date you sign the required form.  Therefore, if it is important that coverage begins on the date of your marriage you will need to complete the form the month prior to the event.  In most cases you will be going from single to family coverage therefore contact the Benefits Office for information regarding premium change.