• Rogers
    Hilary Rogers

    aduation Coach
    Ninth Grade Coordinator


    The Den is Woodland High School"s Ninth Grade Transition Program. It is designed to meet the developmental needs of 9th grade students as they transition from a middle school to a high school environment. The program's focus is early, intensive, and collaborative intervention by parents and school support staff. Intervention is tailored to meet the individual student's need. The effort is a collaborative one involving the parent, the teachers, the graduation specialist, the counselor, administrators: and, most importantly, the student.

    Research indicates that the ninth grade year is the most emotionally, physically, academically, and socially challenging period in a student"s maturation process. Future successes or failures are dependent on the experiences, interventions, and resolutions of issues, difficulties and problems during the ninth grade year. The ninth grade transition program provides the student, parent, and teacher with a variety of tools to meet the individual student"s needs.

    • Ninth Grade Student Center
    • Student Agendas
    • Learning Center/Peer Tutoring/Peer Mentoring
    • Parent/Teacher/Student
      (PTS) Workshops
    • Den Referrals
    • Teaming of Teachers
    • Weekly Progress Monitoring
    Contact the Den, 770-389-2784
    Ms. Rogers - Graduation Specialist
                  Ext 151

    Google Voice Number - 470-485-4606
    **Use this while we are remote learning if you are unable to get me at the school number above.  Please leave your name, your student's name, and a number to reach you at.**

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