Final exams will begin on Tuesday, December 15. 


    Students are NOT required to come to the building for their exams. Those students who have opted to learn remotely may take their exam from home. Students who have chosen in-person learning may opt to take exams from home as well. 


    Academy of Advanced Studies students: If you have a conflict between an AAS exam and a WHS exam, YOU SHOULD TAKE THE AAS EXAM during the time you are expected to. You can make up your WHS exam later in the week.


    Students who will be present for the exam periods but plan to leave at the conclusion of final exams should complete this form for early checkout: https://bit.ly/ERWHS2020


    Please use the tab in the left menu to see the final exam schedule. Afternoon times designated for students remaining in class applies to in-person students only.


    All students should take advantage of the early release time to complete missing work or remediation opportunities. Teachers will be in the building for the duration of the school day and students are encouraged to reach out via email or in Google Meet to see what items can still be completed for grades that need repair.