• Chemistry is called the “Central Science” because of its role in connecting all the sciences, medicine, math, and engineering.  During your chemistry course, you will be mastering very many skills and competencies that provide you with a strong foundation in all branches of science, medicine, math, and engineering. 


    Course Work Projects of Second Semester 

    Second Semester Projects

    Quiz on Types of Reactions: Jan 27 and Jan 28 for Even and Odd day respectively

    Practice Quiz for the Quiz on Types of Reactions on Socrative: RAJASEKARAN

    Retake and Makeup of the Test on Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions is on: Jan 28 

    Practice Test for Multiple Choice/Short Answer Questions: on Socrative, Room: RAJAS


    Unit 3
    Balancing Chemical Equations
    After Guided and Collaborative Practices in the class, you will complete the following tasks
    Mid-http://funbasedlearning.com/chemistry/chemBalancer/ques1.htmYear Exam Tasks

    Unit 4

    Practice Test for Test 4.1 in Socrative: Room: RAJASEKARAN

    pH Measurements and Calculations


    Unit 5

    Behavior of Gases




     First Semester Final Exam Tasks

    Please note that the First Semester Tasks are Five Course Work Projects each of which gives you 20% of your Final Exam Grade. They need to be turned in on or before the stipulated deadlines. Later points accrue when turned in after the deadline. 

     Resources for Task 1 - Deconstruction of a Complex Everyday Object

     Important Notes and Resources for Chemical Change Video





    National Chemistry Day and International Moles Day Celebrations

    Directions for National Chemistry Day/International Moles Day Celebrations


    Science Fair


    Lost and Found

    Cash, Cards, Phones, Jewelry, Umbrellas, Phone or Computer Chargers, Headphones, Ear Phones, and Spectacles will be immediately handed to the front office.

    Binders, Folders, and Papers found in the classroom will be placed in the "Lost and Found" bin in the Classroom. The bin is kept in the bottom shelf of the cart at the entrance of the classroom. This bin will be cleared off every two weeks. 

    Calculators  with names will be handed to the student immediately. I will either meet the student personally and hand it or I will email the teacher where the student is in the next period and will have the student come back to my class to receive the calculator. 

    If a calculator without a name was found, I will mark on it in which period of which day I found it and who were the students working at that location. The calculator will be held by me until I meet that class the next day. If it is an odd day period, it is the next odd day. If it is an even day period, it will be the next  even day. Fifth period meets every day. I will announce in that  class (in which I found the nameless calculator the previous day) that a calculator was found  and I will also specify in which location of the class I found it and who were the students working in that location.  I will accordingly hand it to the student. 

    If a nameless calculator was left unclaimed on the following day's class in that specific period (subsequent odd day or even day or the subsequent day for the fifth period), it will be handed over to the front office with details of the period and date it was found. Students have the opportunity to claim their nameless calculators from the front office.