Our Mission

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    At Unity Grove, our mission is to create and celebrate learners and leaders and prepare them for life experiences. 

    Our Vision for 2019

    Unity Grove Elementary will be an exemplary personalized learning community whose graduates are empowered to engage in an ever-changing world. We believe that we will create a dynamic learning environment supported by data driven decision making that involves teachers, students, and parents.

    In the UGE learning environment, students will use data and personal learning style to design the pathway they consider to be the most effective in meeting their needs and interests. Students and teachers will use data to determine the targeted Henry County Teaching and Learning Standards and then create an action plan for mastery that could include a project-based learning investigation, use of an online adaptive curriculum, small group instruction, or a combination of options.

    The elements of inquiry and project-based learning will be used schoolwide to promote inquiry and real life connections. All students and teachers will use a common language for learning and use norms and expectations to guide collaboration and communication. We believe that building life skills is equally as important as achieving academic mastery. 

    We knew we needed to shift our practices when examining data from  Needs Assessment surveys as well as observational and assessment data. Students expressed that they wanted more timely feedback, one-to-one time with the teacher, and multiple opportunities  to demonstrate mastery. Teachers expressed that they wanted to learn strategies to help meet the needs of students with varied entry points and how to support students in progress monitoring their own  growth and action steps. By adjusting our learning community to be student centered and data driven to be personal for each student, we meet the needs expressed by our stakeholders. 

    We at Unity Grove strive to turn content into knowledge and knowledge into life wisdom. Our learning environment will transform learners from passive consumers to active owners of their education.