• Welcome Class of 2026!  

    Dear Ninth Graders and Families, 
    On behalf of the faculty and staff, I am pleased to welcome you to Eagle’s Landing High
    School. You are about to embark on a four-year journey with us as the
    Class of 2026, and I am certain that you will have an outstanding
    experience. We have a gifted faculty, a rigorous curriculum and we offer
    numerous sports, clubs, and organizations to engage students outside the
    classroom. At ELHS you will have the opportunity to take an outstanding
    array of courses while participating in activities that challenge the body and

    I can imagine the mixed emotions you may be experiencing as
    you begin to think of transitioning to high school: nervousness, excitement, or
    general curiosity.  I want you to know your feelings are valid and our
    staff will be here to support you every step of the way. Saying goodbye to
    8th grade and moving into high school is a rite of
    passage that will begin to prepare you for life after high school. Your
    freshman year is one of the most important years you’ll experience because it
    is the foundation for everything to come and we can’t be more excited to take
    this journey with the Class of 2026!

    We believe in you, we will hold you to high expectations,
    and you will be successful at Eagle’s Landing High School and beyond!

    Let’s GOOOOOOOOOO!!!