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    Jeessy Medina, BE, MAT, Gifted Certified  Email:  jeessy.Medina@henry.k12.ga.us 
     Google Classroom:  Students, all class information, calendar agenda, videos, notes, handouts, and assignments can be found in your google classroom.  
     ClassesGSE Geometry, Honors, and A and B 
    (Google Meet Link can be found in google classroom; email me if you need the link)

    Block 2:   10:00 - 10:45

    Block 3:   12:30 - 1:15

    Block 4:    2:15 - 3:00


    Day 1 (Monday 3/16/20):
    1) Complete the square in google classroom question assignment
    2) Edpuzzle: Equation of a circle https://edpuzzle.com/assignments/5e6e914e6a7bb341222f8277/watch
    3) Quizizz: www.quizizz.com/join?gc=686672
    4) GoFormative: Closing Monday 3/16

    Day 2 (Tuesday 3/17/20):
    1) Quizizz: joinmyquiz.com and enter this code 263688
    2) Edpuzzle: Distance midpoint and slope

    Day 3 (Wednesday 3/18/20):
    1) Quizizz Warmup 
    2) Quizizz Slope, distance, midpoint
    3) Quizizz Partition of directed line segments - https://henryco-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/jmedina_henry_k12_ga_us/EXQB7k8BFONFiinWYfRySTQBHM8BLrzSM2aoKLcwPwEzaQ?e=tNcQDz Review GPE.6

    Day 4 (Thursday 3/19/20):
    1) Type your name below to signify that you read today's instructions.
    2) Complete all missing work. Contact me if you need help resetting an assignment or doing an assignment. I am able to share my screen and show you how to solve problems. If we have multiple people in google meet, then I can help more than 1 at a time.
    4) I will be contacting you and guardians for any missing work. Any missing work: khan, delta, goformative, quizizz, edpuzzle, spirals... etc.... :)

    Day 5 (Friday 3/20/20):
    1) Illuminate Assessment

    Day 6 (Monday 3/23/20):
    1) Nearpod: join.nearpod.com or in the app https://share.nearpod.com/vsph/D7cpX6F0Mu RGZKQ
    2) Edpuzzle: Partition of line segments 
    3) GoFormative: GoFormative GPE.6 Worksheet #2 Partitioning Segments

    Day 7 (Tuesday 3/24/20):
    1) Google Classroom: Artifact #1 for Notes Portfolio: Block 2 link , Block 3 link , Block 4 link
    2) Complete work from yesterday or before

    Day 8 (Wednesday 3/25/20):
    1) Catch up Day - Work on all incomplete and missing work from: GoFormative, Edpuzzle, Delta Math, Khan Academy, etc..

    Day 9 (Thursday 3/26/20):
    1) Sign up for Remind:  Remind.Block.2 , Remind.Block.3 , Remind.Block.4
    2) Delta Math assignments:

    • Parallel/Perpendicular through a point
    • Finding the relationship of two lines
    • Slopes of parallel/perpendicular lines
    • Parallel and Perpendicular Equations
    • Parallel Equations

    Day 10 (Friday 3/27/20):
    1) Log in via classlink so the district can take your attendance.
    2. Make sure that you signed up for remind.
    3. Today will be about completing your work and seeking help during google meet times. So, I need you to do this step by step.

    • Go to Delta Math website and complete all assignments that are red or green or blue.
    • Go to Edpuzzle website and complete all open/unsubmitted videos.
    • Go to Quizizz website and complete all open/unsubmitted quizzes.
    • Go to GoFormative website and complete all open/unsubmitted quizzes.
    • Go to Khan Academy website and complete all work current/past.

    Day 11 (Monday 3/30/20):
    1) Edpuzzle - Find a line parallel to another line through a given point
    2) GoFormative: GPE.5 Parallel and Perpendicular Video Question
    3) Khan Academies on parallel and Perpendicular lines

    Day 12 (Tuesday 3/31/20):
    1) Edpuzzle - Equation of a Line Parallel to a Given Line and Passing Through a Given Point
    2) Khan Academy: Area and Probability on the coordinate Plane
    3) Khan Academy: Area and perimeter on the coordinate plane

    Day 13 (Wednesday 4/1/20):
    1) Edpuzzle: Writing Equations of Perpendicular Lines (perpendicular lines)
    2) Notes Portolio Project: Take careful and detailed notes

    Day 14 (Thursday 4/2/20):
    1) Edpuzzle: Probability : Simple Probability
    1) Notes Portfolio Project: Take careful and detailed notes

    Day 15 (Friday 4/3/20):
    1) Catch up on all assignments - parental contact will be made if you have missing assignments.

    Day 16 (Monday 4/13/20)
    Edpuzzle: Circle Equations 4/13 https://edpuzzle.com/assignments/5e942fd32587583e87108e86/watch
    Quizizz: quizizz.com/join?gc=205422

    Day 17 (Tuesday 4/14/20):
    Edpuzzle: https://edpuzzle.com/assignments/5e9433c305f5853ea30e15e4/watch  
    Quizizz: quizizz.c?gc=498108 om/join

    Day 18 (Wednesday 4/15/20)
    Edpuzzle: https://edpuzzle.com/assignments/5e94345fd721fa3eb1d29697/watch
    Quizizz: quizizz.com/join?gc=853293

    Day 19 (Thursday 4/16/20)
    Edpuzzle:  https://edpuzzle.com/assignments/5e94353aa3d88a3e8116971a/watch
    Quizizz: quizizz.com/join?gc=211938  

    Day 20 (Friday 4/17/20):
    Catch up day

    Day 21 (Monday 4/20/20):
    1) Quizizz 324285
    2) GoFormative: Equations of circles jmap
    3) DeltaMath: Construction of equilateral triangle
    4) DeltaMath: Construction of perpendicular bisector 

    Day 22 (Tuesday 4/21/20):
    1) Quizizz 394034
    2) GoFormative: Population density wkst
    3) DeltaMath: Perpendicular through point of a line

    Day 23 (Wednesday 4/22/20):
    1) Edpuzzle: Construction of angle bisector
    2) DeltaMath: Construction 4 of angle bisector

    Day 24 (Thursday 4/23/20):
    Catch up day

    Day 25 (Friday 4/24/20):
    Catch up day

    Day 26 (Monday 4/27/20):
    1) DeltaMath 4/27 Constructing an Altitude or Median of a Triangle

    Day 27 (Tuesday 4/28/20):
    1) DeltaMath 4/28 Constructing an Equilateral Triangle Inscribed in a Circle

    Day 28 (Wednesday 4/29/20):
    1) DeltaMath 4/29 Constructing a Square Inscribed in a Circle

    Day 29 (Thursday 4/30/20):
    1) DeltaMath: 4/30 Constructing a regular hexagon inscribed in a circle

    Day 30 (Friday 5/01/20):
    Catch up day

    Day 31 (Monday 5/04/20):
    5/4 Constructing a Tangent Line to a Circle

    Day 32 (Tuesday 5/05/20):
    5/5 #1 Copy Angle & 
          #2 Parallel line through point

    Day 33 (Wednesday 5/06/20):
    5/6 #1 Construct a Square &
           #2 Construct Dilated triangle

    Day 34 (Thursday 5/07/20):
     #1 Construct translated triangle,  
     #2 Construct reflected triangle,  
     #3 Construct rotated triangle

    Day 35 (Friday 5/08/20):
    Catch up day

    Day 36 (Monday 5/11/20):
    Catch up day

    Day 37 (Tuesday 5/12/20):
    Catch up day

    Day 38 (Wednesday 5/13/20):
    Catch up day

    Day 39 (Thursday 5/14/20):
    Catch up day

    Day 40 (Friday 5/15/20):
    Catch up day

    I have been working for Henry County Schools since 2007 and I am very proud to be part of this community.  My son is a student in the Dutchtown cluster and thus I am highly invested in the success of your child at DHS.  I will do my best to challenge your child but also to provide opportunites for them to demonstrate mastery.  Please send me an email if you have any questions about anything.  

    I enjoy what I do and I am very glad to be your new math teacher.
    I have high expectations for my students in the classroom.  We work harder and we score better.  Bulldog Pride!!!
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