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    Jeessy Medina, BE, MAT, Gifted Certified

    Email:  jeessy.Medina@henry.k12.ga.us 

    Google Classroom:  Students, all class information, calendar agenda, videos, notes, handouts, and assignments can be found in your google classroom.  

    GSE Geometry A
    GSE Geometry B
    GSE Geometry Honors
    GSE Geometry

    I have been working for Henry County Schools since 2007 and I am very proud to be part of this community. My son is a student in the Dutchtown cluster and thus I am highly invested in the success of your child at DHS.  I will do my best to challenge your child but also to provide opportunites for them to demonstrate mastery.  Please send me an email if you have any questions about anything.  

    More about me:
    I was born in Honduras.  I grew up in New Jersey.
    Undergraduate degree from Stevens Tech in Chemical Engineering.  
    Graduate research work in chemical engineering at Georgia Tech.
    Then, life's true calling came knocking at my door.
    Master of Arts and Teaching from GSCU.
    I enjoy what I do and I am very glad to be your new math teacher.
    I have high expectations for my students in the classroom.  We work harder and we score better.  Bulldog Pride!!!
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    Mrs. Medina-Atanacio
    a.k.a. Ms. Medina
    a.k.a. Ms. M