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    Hello Warhawk Parents, Family, and Guardians;


        My name is Chelsea Benson; I am your Parent Involvement Paraprofessional for McDonough High School. I am excited to announce our Parent Resource Center in Room 121, where you will have access to free resources to further your child’s success in education is still OPEN. You are also welcome to visit and checkout resources for at home use as well as use the provided computers to check Infinite Campus and other computer needs. If you have any questions regarding your child’s education from setting up parent/teacher meetings to understanding how Infinite Campus Parent Portal works. Please feel free to come by or email me with any of your questions or concerns.  Our Parent Resource Center hours are still Monday thru Friday 8:30am-4:00pm but you will need to make an appointment before arrival. Due to the CDC and Henry County Board of Education Guidelines for Covid-19, we are requiring all that enter MHS to wear masks. If you need to come in at an earlier or later time, we can arrange it.

    Please be sure to visit our school webpage. The Title I page is located under the Academic tab or on the left sidebar short cuts.  From here, you can view our School-Parent Compact, Parent and Family Engagement Plan and any notifications about any upcoming workshops, School, or Title I  parent meetings.

    Studies show that Parent involvement remains a powerful predictor of adolescents’ academic achievement and other positive outcomes. A child that sees their parent(s) or family involved in their school and education is more likely to excel.



    Chelsea Benson

    Parent Involvement Professional   

    (470)615-3451 Rm#121