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    Dr. Umakanth Reddy Chinthapanti (Dr.Reddy)
    School Email: uchinthapanti@henry.k12.ga.us 
    Subjects I Teach: Advanced Math Decision Making (AMDM)  & College Readiness Mathematics 
    Room: 115
    Student + Parent + Teacher = Success 
                                                                             Remote Learning 
    "Parents and Students, beginning Monday March 16th, we will be learning on-line. Not much will change for most of us, we will continue to use Google Classroom and Goformative as means to interact, get materials, assignments etc. your work will be uploaded prior to due dates."
                                                                  "Instructional Time/Tutoring 8:15 - 3:15"
    My mission is to provide an educational experience in mathematics that will help my students prepare for successful roles in an ever changing multicultural society. This will be accomplished through commitment to excellent teaching, a well-designed, challenging and enjoyable curriculum, and a supportive environment for all my students.

    To support this mission I will be committed to updating the curriculum, making real world connections, and incorporating technology. I will utilize a variety of assessment techniques, endowed with various teaching methods, and maintain an intervention plan for students that may have difficulty with mathematical comprehension.

    Students will be challenged to develop skills in analysis, reasoning, creativity, collaborative learning, and self-expression as they gain knowledge in mathematics. As teacher, I will maintain high academic and behavioral expectations and demand excellence from all students. My very best efforts will also be made to direct students to realize their full potential. 

                                    Tutoring offered on Wednesday Evening from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM