PT & Photo Consent Letter must be completed and emailed back to MSgt Cruver (demario.cruver@henry.k12.ga.us)! Once PT starts you will receive a "0" in the grade book every Friday until your PT form is turned in.


    Color Guard Training - Every Tuesday and Thursday (4pm-5:15pm).  If you would like to learn/practice color guard, I will allow up to 12 cadets per day.  To sign-up CLICK HERE



    You must stay logged on the entire class period or you will be marked absent. Camera must be on unless told otherwise.  If you have an appointment you must inform your teacher and an email must be sent to the Attendance Office or you will be marked absent.


    2nd-4th year cadets:  If you have any uniform issues (too small/large, missing items, etc...), please email MSgt Jensen (nathan.jensen@henry.k12.ga.us) as soon as possible.


    You must dress appropriately for remote learning.  No bonets, durags, scarves, robes, tank-tops, shirtless, etc...  If you aren't allowed to wear it or be without it in school, the same applies to online instructions.


    If you are having issues with your Chromebook, you must call the school and inform them.  The technology department will assist in resolving your issues.


    All cadets must be prepared to recite the Pledge of Allegence, the Mission Statement and the Cadet Code.  


    2nd - 4th year cadets: Grooming Inspections Sep 29th. Polo shirt tucked into your jeans or khakis, jeans or khakis with no holes, closed-toed shoes, hair must be in standards, males must shave, earrings for females only and they must be in standards, fingernail length and color must be in standards, plain black socks that come up to your calf and belt.


    You are not allowed to return to school unless you registered to return to school.