ASVAB Test will be administered on March 9th.  You must sign-up by March 1st.  Only students in grades 10-12 and at least 16 years of age are allowed to take the ASVAB test.


    If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to check Google Classroom to see if a new assignment was posted and you must complete the work by the due date.

    It is your respoinsiblity to make up any "Missing" assignments.  You must check Infinite Campus to see if you have any "Missing" assignments.  You have limited time to make up missed work.


    You must stay logged on the entire class period or you will be marked absent. Camera must be on unless told otherwise.  If you have an appointment you must inform your teacher and an email must be sent to the Attendance Office or you will be marked absent. 

    Attendance may be taken twice (beginning and end of class) you will be marked absent or tardy (if you're only present for the second attendance check) if you are not present for both. 


    2nd-4th year cadets:  If you have any uniform issues (too small/large, missing items, etc...), please email MSgt Jensen (nathan.jensen@henry.k12.ga.us) as soon as possible.


    This week's PT assignment has been posted to Google Classroom.  You must complete and submit all exercises by the assigned due date.  Please note, you must have a running app on your cell phone that has the date, time and distance.  Treadmills are no longer allowed.

    This week's PT is for ALL students (remote and in-person).


    If you are having issues with your Chromebook, you must call the school and inform them.  The technology department will assist in resolving your issues.

    Click Here to set-up an appointment.


    2nd & 3rd Year Uniform Inspection - Tuesday, 2 Mar 2021.  Blues, open collar, no ribbons.