The Continuous School Improvement Plan is developed each  year based on a review of variety of data points from the most recent school year, including test scores, CCRPI scores, attendance and discipline data, surveys from students, parents and staff, etc... The Plan is meant to chart the path to achieve our mission while being a school that operates from its vision and within the scope of its core beliefs.  The 2017-2018 LHS Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) brings together the 2017-2018 LHS Memorandum of Understanding that outlines expectations for our faculty and our 2017-2018 LHS Professional Learning Plan so that all plans for the school year are aligned.
    For this year, there are 3 major areas of interest: Student Agency; Assessment, Learning Activities, Grouping and Feedback. 
    • These 3 areas are outlined and specific indicators of implementation make up the Memorandum of Understanding that all faculty member signs to allow every faculty member to understand what the coming school year's priorities will be and what the expectations will be for faculty members with reference to the priorities. 
    • The Professional Development Plan outlines on a monthly basis the professional learning plans and activities that will be offered throughout the year to support the priorities identified in the Memorandum of Understanding, allowing our faculty to be continuous learners in order to further improve the insturctional experience for all students. 
    • The CSIP is the broader plan that outlines the "how, when and who" of the school realizing its established goals for the school year. 

    I encourage all of the Luella community to review our mission, vision, core beliefs; Memorandum of Understanding, Continuous School Improvement Plan and Professional Learning plan. These are the best way to have a more complete overview not only of our school year, but also our continual path to realizing our Mission Statement:

    Luella High School will graduate each student: college, career, life-ready. 

     Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or need additional information. 

    Go Lions!