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    2021-2022 Remind Codes
    1st period Pre-Calculus - @olacalc1
    2nd period Pre-Calculus - @olacalc2
    3rd period AP Calculus - @olacalc3
    4th period Pre-Calculus - @olacalc4
    6th period AP Calculus - @olacalc6
    7th period Pre-Calculus - @olacalc7
    AP Calculus:
    There is no summer assignment, but we will hit the ground running.  It will be helpful if you review graphs and characteristics of polynomial and rational functions.  There is a wonderful website, linked below, that has a "Getting Ready" section.  Please review this section well before the first quiz of the year.   http://www.korpisworld.com/Mathematics/Calculus%20Maximus/Calculus%20Maximus%20Splash.htm
    AP Calculus Supply list:
    3-ring binder
    divider tabs 
    notebook paper or notebook, college ruled 
    Graphing calculator (see discussion of calculators below; some are available for check-out, should you not wish to purchse your own) 
    AP Study Guide, recommended (Barron's or Princeton Review - please use the latest edition)
    Calculators for AP Calculus:  
    Only graphing calculators are allowed on a portion (roughly a third) of the AP Exam.  No calculator is allowed during the rest of the exam .  Thus, we will follow the same usage during class/ practice.  We will use graphing calculators ONLY (no scientific calculators) for portions of classroom assessments.  If you already have a graphing calculator, please bring it to class with you.  If not, a class set of TI-Nspire handhelds will be available for use in class and will be available to check out for homework and the AP exam.  
    Recommended Graphing Calculators:  If you wish to purchase your own graphing calculator, the following models are highly recommended:
    TI n-Spire CX II
    TI n-Spire CX CAS II (cannot be used on the ACT)
    TI-84 Plus-CE
    Pre-Calculus Supply list: 
    3-ring binder (divider tabs optional)
    notebook paper or notebook, college ruled
    Scientific calculator   (see discussion of calculators below)
    Calculators for Pre-Calculus:
    A good scientific calculator is essential to success in Pre-Calculus.  You should bring a scientific calculator with you to class.  If you already have one, there is no need to buy a new one.  If you don't currently have one, I recommend the TI-36X Pro.   Graphing calculators may be used at times, but there is a class set of TI-NSpire handhelds available.  Any graphing homework will be able to be accomplished using www.desmos.com.  Desmos is also available through the app store on Apple devices.  We will also use 4-function calculators in class for much of the 1st semester.