• Welcome To Fox5
    Mr. Fox's Fifth Grade Class at RSE
    School Email Address: blake.fox@henry.k12.ga.us
    Twitter: @Fox5_RSE
       This year our class will be utilizing various educational websites to supplement our daily instruction. Once an account has been created, these sites provide lessons that can be used for both remediation and acceleration. Although we will be working with certain sites on a more regular basis, I will also provide the names of other sites that you, the parent, can register your student on and get helpful supplementation to my classroom instruction. Not only as a teacher but also as a father, I have used several (if not all) of these sites in the past and have experienced phenomenal student growth.
    www.classdojo.com -  students and parents are given access to an account that keeps track of daily/weekly behavior. I will use ClassDojo to award points for various positive behaviors. I will also subtract points for negative behaviors, the loss of three (3) points in one day, will result in a loss of daily Rock Stamp. Although i try to give some warning(s) before the loss of a point, there are some behaviors that may warrant the automatic loss of a point or a Rock Stamp.
    www.mobymax.com - students have an account already. 
                                           10 mins of Fact Master and 1 Vocabulary lesson is expected daily ( Mon-Fri ).
    www.learnzillion.com - students have an account already
                                             Lessons will be assigned to help review previously taught standards.
    www.khanacademy.org -  students will not register for an account with me. Parents may choose to use Khan Academy at home as a supplemental teaching tool.